Just in case you haven’t had enough Christmas food already, I’ve provided you with a little more; CHEERS! It’s time for a bit of Festive fun, folks, and time for revenge for Sally Evans. Fancy a 20lb turkey anyone, a… Read More ›

Say Hello To Clawsie

Dear Ms Katishka Tabymov As this is the first time we have been in contact some might deem it socially correct for me to be pointlessly formal and drone on for hours about our common ancestry, and how wonderful my… Read More ›

The Family Man

By Chris Wilson “ I need a top-notch professional writer and Slavic linguist, for a guy called Petr Kohout. He’s a Slovak, , and he’s got a doctorate in philosophy,and he’s nuts about Slovak History. His writing is respected throughout… Read More ›

The Onion Bubble Tree

By Chris Wilson Half asleep in her ancient garden armchair, Sarah glanced casually towards the dusty old oak tree at the bottom of her garden. Her son Patrick, and his son, had gone out shopping. She was all alone,  her… Read More ›

Dance with me

By Chris Wilson “So all you lads and lassies, we now have the final record of the evening. It’s the best, it’s the tops, it’s Abba, and it’s the one and only Dancing Queen! No excuses now and no exceptions!… Read More ›