It is some while since I’ve posted on this blog but such has been the tumultuous events in recent months across the world that I have, at last, been prompted to get posting once more Understandably one hot topic which… Read More ›


Just in case you haven’t had enough Christmas food already, I’ve provided you with a little more; CHEERS! It’s time for a bit of Festive fun, folks, and time for revenge for Sally Evans. Fancy a 20lb turkey anyone, a… Read More ›

A Lifetime of Happiness

Name…. Mr. Joseph Collins Age……..35 D.O.B…. 31st October 1978 D.O.D…. 31st October 2013 E.T.A….. T.B.C Final Destination…. Aeternitas Category status…V.I.P Special instructions…5 star reception & Special delivery A young man closed the file that lay before him, and began to… Read More ›

What’s up Popsi?

By Chris Wilson All The local villages had annual summer fete, and all had a marquee full of food, but they didn’t have Zuzanna Pospisilova. They didn’t have her decorated gingerbread hearts ,and biscuits, and her delectable cream cakes and… Read More ›