Human Rights and Liberties

The Wise man and the Fool

“You know they’re watching us don’t you” Bob looked up from the book he was reading, and inwardly sighed. It was Gary. He always sat beside him. He always wore the same black and silver shell suit and matching trainers, and, beneath his… Read More ›

The Family Man

By Chris Wilson “ I need a top-notch professional writer and Slavic linguist, for a guy called Petr Kohout. He’s a Slovak, , and he’s got a doctorate in philosophy,and he’s nuts about Slovak History. His writing is respected throughout… Read More ›

Lone Star

By Chris Wilson “So we are agreed then, a Christmas short story competition, based on someone or something we see in this room. A maximum of 2000 words shall we say, and a three month submission period?” Andrew Pettigrew Studied… Read More ›

Be Reasonable!

A few months ago a friend of mine complained that when I had first knew her, I had been far too reasonable. I had agreed with everybody’s views that were being promoted around me, I always saw the other side,… Read More ›