The Family Man

By Chris Wilson “ I need a top-notch professional writer and Slavic linguist, for a guy called Petr Kohout. He’s a Slovak, , and he’s got a doctorate in philosophy,and he’s nuts about Slovak History. His writing is respected throughout… Read More ›

What’s up Popsi?

By Chris Wilson All The local villages had annual summer fete, and all had a marquee full of food, but they didn’t have Zuzanna Pospisilova. They didn’t have her decorated gingerbread hearts ,and biscuits, and her delectable cream cakes and… Read More ›

Silent Worlds

In a previous post called Tick Tock-Tick Tock-Tic-Tic Ti- I talked about how so much of life passes by unseen, due to the fact, or otherwise, that we are always short on time. In that post I talked about observing the interaction between a… Read More ›

Lest we forget

Lest We Forget What do we forget when we remember What are the stories left untold What do we think each November As we march down that glory road As we march down that gory road  Owen Griffiths At 11.oo… Read More ›