Has Christmas died?

In response to coverage of recent Black Friday Footage in UK supermarkets, the former Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey, raised the simple if painfully bleak question of Has Christmas  finally died Not exactly a heartwarming question I admit at his… Read More ›

The Wise man and the Fool

“You know they’re watching us don’t you” Bob looked up from the book he was reading, and inwardly sighed. It was Gary. He always sat beside him. He always wore the same black and silver shell suit and matching trainers, and, beneath his… Read More ›

The Red Headed Mermaid

By Chris Wilson              “…..Standing alone on the ancient breakwater Justine La Marche pulled her heavy black cloak around her and, fighting the salt spray that soaked and blinded her, she gazed out at the crashing breakers and the wind… Read More ›

Dance with me

By Chris Wilson “So all you lads and lassies, we now have the final record of the evening. It’s the best, it’s the tops, it’s Abba, and it’s the one and only Dancing Queen! No excuses now and no exceptions!… Read More ›

Quiet please

‘Tis the season to be jolly. ‘Tis the season to spend to much, eat and drink to much, and to get stressed out over the arrival of all the family and whether or not you have got this years must… Read More ›