Has Christmas died?

In response to coverage of recent Black Friday Footage in UK supermarkets, the former Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey, raised the simple if painfully bleak question of Has Christmas  finally died Not exactly a heartwarming question I admit at his… Read More ›

The Family Man

By Chris Wilson “ I need a top-notch professional writer and Slavic linguist, for a guy called Petr Kohout. He’s a Slovak, , and he’s got a doctorate in philosophy,and he’s nuts about Slovak History. His writing is respected throughout… Read More ›

The Red Headed Mermaid

By Chris Wilson              “…..Standing alone on the ancient breakwater Justine La Marche pulled her heavy black cloak around her and, fighting the salt spray that soaked and blinded her, she gazed out at the crashing breakers and the wind… Read More ›

The Onion Bubble Tree

By Chris Wilson Half asleep in her ancient garden armchair, Sarah glanced casually towards the dusty old oak tree at the bottom of her garden. Her son Patrick, and his son, had gone out shopping. She was all alone,  her… Read More ›


SIT DOWN…GO TO YOUR ROOM…WASH YOUR HANDS…BEHAVE Follow our example, we hear as children, and always say please and thank you, so why do we ignore such good advice when we speak to each other, or even worse when we… Read More ›