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Tell me a story

How many of us can recall when someone last told us story? I don’t mean just showed us a tablet screen, or plonked us down in front of a TV, but told us story which stirred our imagination, transported us to new unseen worlds, or imparted to us a message or information which has stayed with us over the years?


It is some while since I’ve posted on this blog but such has been the tumultuous events in recent months across the world that I have, at last, been prompted to get posting once more Understandably one hot topic which… Read More ›

just a quick note

Hi everyone This is just a quick note to say that there may be a slight absence of posts for a little while. My apologies for this, but I need to concentrate on a new writing project, and that will… Read More ›

Every Different Path

My depression is a hollow place Devoid of light and filled with waste Wasted breath, wasted time Wasted words I’ll never find I feel so empty, yet I’m not I’m full of despair and I watch the clock Tick away… Read More ›