Feel Good Stories

A category reserved for my Feel Good Short stories


Just in case you haven’t had enough Christmas food already, I’ve provided you with a little more; CHEERS! It’s time for a bit of Festive fun, folks, and time for revenge for Sally Evans. Fancy a 20lb turkey anyone, a… Read More ›

Feel Good Stories

Wherever you go nowadays that gloom, doom, pessimism, distrust, and cynicism prevail. Everything has gone wrong, apparently, no-one is to be trusted and we, both as a species and as individuals, are set to drown in our self created sea… Read More ›

The Red Headed Mermaid

By Chris Wilson              “…..Standing alone on the ancient breakwater Justine La Marche pulled her heavy black cloak around her and, fighting the salt spray that soaked and blinded her, she gazed out at the crashing breakers and the wind… Read More ›

What’s up Popsi?

By Chris Wilson All The local villages had annual summer fete, and all had a marquee full of food, but they didn’t have Zuzanna Pospisilova. They didn’t have her decorated gingerbread hearts ,and biscuits, and her delectable cream cakes and… Read More ›

The Onion Bubble Tree

By Chris Wilson Half asleep in her ancient garden armchair, Sarah glanced casually towards the dusty old oak tree at the bottom of her garden. Her son Patrick, and his son, had gone out shopping. She was all alone,  her… Read More ›

Dance with me

By Chris Wilson “So all you lads and lassies, we now have the final record of the evening. It’s the best, it’s the tops, it’s Abba, and it’s the one and only Dancing Queen! No excuses now and no exceptions!… Read More ›