Oh Lord...Hear our PARYER!

Oh Lord…Hear our Prayer!

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Chapter 3…The Turbulent Teens

By Chris Wilson

Bits of your body start to grow, other bits swell up, or bleed,unexpectedly, you want to get on with “it”, but your parents tell you to pack “it” in or even worse to leave your personal “it “ well alone. It really isn’t fair. All that power, all those tumescent pre orgasmic urges, all that juice flowing and no handy receptacle for where for it naturally go! There we stand ready and waiting, standing to attention or hot and juicy all eager to go, so and what are we then told by our parents?

“Go inside, you’ve got homework to do”

This is perfectly true, but the only homework we want to address is running around on two legs with various new and exciting anatomical appendages floating around them. This being so let’s see how the two sexes interact, and see where it leads us to once we are there. Homework and education are important, but such areas are for another day or another time, there are more urgent things stirring now. First things first, how have our fledgling teenagers changed. Let’s begin with the lad, how has he changed over the years.

Up until now it is probably fair to say that his brains, if he has ever had any, have largely stayed within his cranium, but upon reaching his teens they fall, often with a resounding thud, into a rather grotty looking pendulous and hairy crinkly sack down below. Sometimes they stay there for the rest of his life, but what is his response now, how does he handle such an event; and does he keep his poise and calm? Quite frankly he doesn’t achieve either of the two, and for the next eight years there is only one thing on his mind. All he wants to do is to have sex, and lots of it, and maybe even fall in love, although he still has no idea what that may mean. It is almost immaterial whom he has sex with; as to him, all girls are the same. All that matters is that he is able to copulate as hard and as fast as he possibly can, then brag about his exploits for as long as anyone will listen. So it is that life, for him is simple. Has he any other concerns, well just a few. For some guys a scraggy moustache is important, or the need to shave, as both are exterior demonstrations of his virility that he desperately wishes to demonstrate below. For other guys both quantitative and qualitative performance with the fair sex is important. They consider the overall shape and dimensions of his partners, and when conversing with other guys certain anatomical dimensions really do matter. In such areas it really can be a question of size.

What of the girls though, how are they faring when all this is going on. The precise order of events for girls can vary; as more complicated anatomical changes occur, but overall the following adjustments occur occur. To begin with life is very pleasant indeed. You get agreeably hippy so you have got something you can twitch and wriggle whenever the need, or desire so demands. Then, joy of joy, nature gives you a fantastic boob job so you really have got something to show. Such joy is short lived though, for as soon as this occurs who turns up but your mum, and what is she holding, oh look, it’s a bra. Now you have seen these things before, but as it has never been yours you wonder both why you should want to hold back your breasts when they only want to grow, and secondly how the hell are you meant to put the wretched thing on. Simple explanations soon sort out those two however, so there you sit, proud as punch and boobs safety ensconced within you gleaming new bra. Suddenly everything is right with the world, but then comes your first period.

Your mum told you about periods when she first gave you your first bra, but no words could ever prepare you for what you face now. First to arrive is the iffy hair do down below, then the stomach cramps, and finally the dodgy tummy. You take a deep breath to ease the pain but nature stuffs a red-hot poker in your boobs and guts. Then of course you bleed. For anything up to three to five days it pours out of you, and even worse, towards the end, it changes colour and it stinks. By all that’s holy does it smell, and you think it will never end, but eventually it stops; only to start up all over again in about four weeks time. What does your Mum do, does she stand supportively by your side. Oh she is there all right, but not quite in the way you would wish. There she stands, gleefully bearing an enormous range of sanitary towels, and telling you not to worry, because it’s all perfectly natural

“It’s just your periods dear, you will get used to them, we all manage to do so in the end. You’ll have to do so by the way, they’re all yours for the next thirty to forty years”

What a message, and what a time for it to be delivered. Never mind though, you still have your hips and your breasts and all your bits down below. It’s quite handy really as suddenly you’ve become very interesting to the boys, and, like you they are, they are very keen, and ready and waiting to go.

This is where girls, especially cute girls, hold in their hands a power that no man can ever really come to terms with. When such transition first occurs it takes a little while for the raw power within both sexes to truly emerge, but once out on display, and at full throttle, most girls have their beau’s of choice in the palm of their hands.  Quite simply they can do without the guys, if they have to, and if they want to so, but most guys find they simply cannot do without the girls, so a vibrant new dynamic relationship is formed. Other gender dynamics arise naturally of course, but once more, theirs is a different story, and one for another time. What is fun is to see how such a male/female dynamic unravels over the course of time. For this exercise let us assume that we are at the very early stages of a relationship, and that both are, according to them, largely inexperienced, especially in the more intimate of manoeuvres concerned. He has asked her out and she has said yes. How are things to go on from there?

So it is that we at last meet Bob, and the first time they meet they are on their first date. He has just rung the front doorbell on her father’s large well-maintained family house, and he is waiting for a suitable reply. He is a little nervous, but suitably attired for the occasion, in a smart suit and tie, he feels reasonably sure of his ground. Then the door opens, his composure falters, Sue’s dad is standing there, and he doesn’t look very happy. Never mind Sue has agreed to the date, not her father, and it is Sue that he would much rather be seeing. Bob explains that he has come to take out Sue, her dad nods suspiciously in return, and reluctantly moves, slightly, to one side; still suspicious of the potential invader or his daughters potential seducer at his door. As he does so we see Sue’s mother standing just behind him, very nervous and very concerned as this is her daughter’s first date with Bob, and she can only imagine what might happen over the next two-three hours. Mercifully no such standoff can last forever, and here comes Sue. She is a lovely girl, and although at this moment she seems currently slightly shy and retiring, she who will be a major force over all events to come.

She may seems only a little more composed than Bob, but it is all an act, as she knows exactly how the evening will go. She is no fool, and as suits the occasion she uses her body to the full, as well as the hallway lighting, as any self-aware girl or woman would do. Her dress is both low, and short enough so as to slightly entice, but not too low, nor to short as to inflame. Her hair, and her body, so casually yet carefully prepared, hints at a free spirit within, but not too free as to allow him to go too far, and finally she has accessorised herself to an seemingly innocent yet charming degree. Flicking back her hair so as to delicately frame her face, she smiles at him encouragingly, and by his smile and adoring puppy dog eyes, she knows she hold in the palm of her hands. All is ready. All is set to go, but then Dad steps in.

“ Sue, I want you back by nine pm, no later you understand, and, young man, NO FUNNY BUSINESS IF YOU PLEASE!”

Sue is horrified to hear her Dad coming on so heavy of course, as she knows that nothing will occur, not on this date anyway, so; with anguished cry of

“Oh Dad!!”

Sue glares at both of her parents, then hand in hand; Bob and Sue slide away and start the first of what will be many dates to come.

Sue’s dad needn’t have worried of course, as Sue has got things totally under control. There will be no dramatic or intimate showing of affection tonight, despite what her father thinks could be on offer. She has been drawn to Bob by his seemingly quiet nature, and has accordingly guided him towards an appropriate venue for a meal that, by sheer chance, just happens to be at a suitable distance from her home. Why so suitable?

The restaurant is far enough away so she can find out if he has any natural inclinations down below, but close enough to home should such inclinations rise up to greet her. Additionally she has checked the venue as regards privacy, and seating arrangements so that no surprises may entail, and finally she has checked the restaurant price list; obviously she needs to know whether he is adequately solvent, and, more importantly, how much she means to him from the very beginning. Her last task was to check the route to and from the restaurant. She had once been in the Girl Guide movement and, as they always sad, it was better to be prepared, for whatever outcome you so desired.

Does he know anything of her plans, no of course not, but then he was never intended to do so. Look at them now, walking hand in hand, and, closely, side by side, down the street. She seems so sweet and innocent beside him, vulnerable almost, and seeking the protection of his body by her side. In contrast he is standing tall. He proudly walks with her down the street. She is his, he is hers, and he is protecting her, and in control of all he surveys. Suddenly all the dreams he had formed over so many years, seem to be coming true.


At just the right time, in Sue’s opinion, they reach the restaurant to be greeted by the Maître d’. He’s seasoned campaigner as regards courting couples, so many come to eat within but he looks, with interest at the couple before him. Instantly he recognises the balance of power before him so while apparently showing deference to Bob he, in reality, checks with his eyes the needs, wants, and desires, of Sue who is standing, just far enough, behind her new partner. She smiles, a warm yet firm smile of understanding, and gracefully recognising and accepting the discreet service given by the Maître d’, she sits down with Bob down for the meal. 

We now join them as they leave the table and prepare to leave. Precisely what may have occurred during the meal is not really our concern, but Sue has found out what she wanted to know. She has delicately established what she thinks might turn out to be a life long pecking order, and silently established within her mind how future encounters might be organised and arranged. Wisely though she deferentially gives way to Bob. She has recognised very early on that he is a little shy and inexperienced, but a decent, if slightly old-fashioned romantic type of guy, and therefore must be allowed to perform that role. She allows him to do so for one good reason. By doing so she can control the pace of this new relationship, and though she never wants to quell his inner freedom she knows that, even though she is not quite eighteen, she will ultimately desire to be in control.

Leaving the restaurant she makes sure the Maître d’’ is tipped handsomely, as he always knew he would be, and after Bob slips her coat around her shoulders, they begin to make their way back to her home. Unbeknown to Bob Sue has played yet another trick that lay up her sleeve. Had the evening gone badly she would have taken the coat from the coat attendant herself, and put it on without any further ado, but the evening has gone very well, it is time to give Bob a little reward. A harmless bit of carrot as we might say, just to say thank you, and to get him coming back for more. During the meal she has had to powder her nose, theoretically, but in reality she has discreetly spoken to the Maître d’ regarding putting on her coat at the end of the meal. Consequentially her coat has been given to Bob, it was only by accident she half turned dropped her glove in front of her. Bending down towards Bob to pick up the glove she, of course, never intended to give Bob a brief sneak preview of some of the potential finer joys to come. Accidents, so they say, just happen, surely nobody, not even her could be to blame. She didn’t need to check as to whether Bob saw anything of course, one look at his face told her everything; whilst behind them both, and away just out of their sight the Maître d’ just grinned

Now we join them as they stand at her father’s front door. Is the evening quite finished, or is there still a little more. They have walked hand in hand down the silent but softly lit avenues, and now it is time for the evening to come to an end. Unusually for her Sue seems to be having trouble finding her keys. The light in the outside porch frames her hair beautifully, it must be accidental; but she still cannot find those keys. Bob watches her closely, but she does not seem to register his gaze in return.

“ Can I see you again?” he asks her hesitantly.

 She stops, and then shyly, she smiles.

“ Maybe Bob, we’ll see”

He falls silent and looks a little crestfallen. Sue frowns slightly; maybe she has overplayed her hand. She smiles once more, and gently takes his hand

“ I think so Bob; would you like to kiss me!”

Of course he wants to kiss her; Poor Sap; and so it is that, without him even realising,

Sue has him trussed up like a Christmas turkey with nowhere to go. He goes to kiss her, not quite knowing how it’s done. She knows though, she has had a bit more practice than him, but she only offers him a cheek for the moment. More, she feels, much more, will come from both of them with time. He kisses her shakily. She pauses, enjoys the kiss then softly, very softly, kisses him back before slowly drawing away. With a smile she easily opens the door and, giving him a shy final wave, she slips inside the house before quietly closing the door. How odd, she knew where the keys were all the time. She has hooked her prize salmon, now all she needs to do is to carefully reel him in.

Should we have spent so much time on their first meeting? Certainly we should.  The dance they have danced is the oldest dance of time, as regards humanity and this is one dance that will never ever change. There will always be exceptions, and power may sometimes be transferred, shared, or even denied, but though men may have their will, so the old saying goes, the woman will always have her way!

So it is that we come to the end of the chapter. Is this the end of our story on the dubious joys of being a teenager? Oh no, we will come back to this transitional period when Bob and Sue are little bit older. Teenager culture, like revenge, is a dish best served cold, then savoured to the full. So now we should leave Bob and Sue for a few years. They are young, so very young, and they need a little time and privacy so that they may truly understand what and who they will eventually become. So now we must draw back, and in doing so, move into the next chapter, and see what happens when deeper and more lasting relationships come into play.

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