286px-scream_and_shoutIt is some while since I’ve posted on this blog but such has been the tumultuous events in recent months across the world that I have, at last, been prompted to get posting once more

Understandably one hot topic which has been raging for a couple of months now is that of one Mr D Trump who for better or worse has been sworn in as American President.

Oh no, I hear you say, yet another political diatribe from a disgruntled democrat, or yet further praise from a republican, but the good news is that both assumptions would be wrong. I am not American, I bear no interest in any political party, so if this gentleman is what America desires, so be it. Their choice, by the ballot box,  and their country.

What does interest me is human nature, and how immature we as adults can be, and when I have read and listened to what Mr Trump has to say, I am reminded of an incident I witnessed several years ago.

I live on the Isle of Man, and while we steep hills aplenty there is one hill in the centre of its main town which before the advent of a new high level pedestrian bridge, was both feared and loathed by all who had reason to ascend the wretched thing

One day while I was walking down the hill I espied a mother and child, the child I reckon being about 6 -7 yrs old. The mother had walked halfway up the hill with a pushchair and was patiently waiting for her daughter to join her. There was a problem though, as hat child had no desire or intention of walking up that hill, and boy oh boy did she try to work her mother.

We’ve all done this when we  were younger and I must admit that she used every trick in the book to get her way until she finally gave way. Not without the last word though, as stamping her feet and screwing up her whole body in a fit of incandescent fury she shouted up the hill

” I HATE YOU!!!!!!!”

So up she stomped but, for that little girl worse was to follow, for as she approached her mother, the lady in question laughed merrily, and walked up to the top of the hill. Well, that child may have bene young but she had an attitude. She had to carry on walking but for a moment, a long momment she stood stock still  with her fists on her hips, and with an open mouth glared long and hard at her mother

What became of her I’ve got no idea, but, in my opinion, and I’m no political expert, and obvious parallel can be drawn.

We all know in life that, despite our best efforts, we can’t have everything we desire, but what we can do is to decide how we are going to react when denials occur. in essence we can

  • shrug our shoulders and accept the inevitable
  • try to work out how our goals might be achieved
  • bully or coerce a resolution from others or
  • shout and scream like that six-year-old child

The first two options are generally reckoned to be the best adult responses, while the third option is often frowned upon for obvious reasons. The last option is nearly always rejected or deemed unacceptable, so how on earth have we ended up with a president of arguably the most powerful nation on earth, who has the approach and mentality of such a child

All of us can and scream, and all of us can metaphorically throw our rattle out of the pram but does that truly become the President of America

Ok so he is in the White House, but even though I am as deeply distrustful of politicians as I am of human nature, I like to think there is hope for alternative times to come. Remember what happened in our story halfway up the hill, well, might not the same happen in  America

Abraham Lincoln one said that

You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.
Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/a/abrahamlin110340.html

but what, if, in this instance the words of “or upset” were added after the word “fool”, might this not sum up what lies in the future?

Just a few thoughts folks, that all but for the sheer fun of it I’d advise you follow the following You tube video, this is one really hacked of Husky and one really disgruntled child



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