Pity the Poor Voter……or is it pity the Politician

politiceansI hope that there is some part of the world that is still in blissful ignorance of the forthcoming UK Government Elections, as like anywhere where such events happen, life has become one long and living hell. There are everywhere these ‘ere politicians and their associated helpers. No baby is safe, no O.A.P can walk dwn the street unhindered, and wherever you go there is always that wholly insincere cheesy grin

They lie through their back teeth to us, they hand out false promises like throwing confetti at a wedding, and just in case we didn’t take in their particular brand of claptrap, half truths, glossy bunff, and downright flattery and dishonesty. they bombard us with nasty little leaflets  which, as glossy and as greasy as any old pan in a chippy, cannot even be used in the loo!

Yet what happens if we stop running away for a minute so as to seek avoidance, what happens if we look at ourselves in the mirror, and truly reflect on what we see?

If charges of deceit and dishonesty are to be laid upon a doorstep, whose doorstep might be chosen, and, God forbid such a treasonable statement, might it even be our own.

My point is this. If we do not have the maturity to live in a world where everything has a price tag and nothing is for fee, how can we blame the politicians when, by necessity, they pander to our dreams.

Puzzled by what I mean, well, look at the following list of voters requirements, and you may well see what I mean

  1. We want free at the point of use health care
  2. We want high quality cheap food.
  3. We want cheap energy
  4. We want cheap clean water
  5. We want honesty, and we want you to show us you care

sounds good, but what is what is really going through the voters minds

  1. We want free healthcare even if such healthcare cannot be funded
  2. We want that food, even if we’ve got no idea how is possible
  3. We want energy, but not in our back yard
  4. We want clean water, but take away the smell!
  5. You’re just a politician, so why should we bother with honesty, and why should we care

That’s right folks, the great voting public in all it’s glory, and faced with such an impossible set of demands, what is the average politician supposed to do.

Well in an ideal world he or she might do the following

  1. Be honest with the voters about healthcare costs and funding
  2. Tell them no money no goodies
  3. Tell them that cheap food means a drop in quality; you want quality food, you pay
  4. Tell them they have no right cheap energy, or clean water
  5. Remind them that honesty is two way street, as is caring.

I suppose such tactics are an option for any aspiring politician, and I imagine that some deluded fool at some point in history has  gone down that route, but rather like ramming a ship upon some rocky outcrop I doubt whether any such individual has ever survived

Might it be that we want the politicians to lie to us, and to carry own our self indulgent and at times childish dreams.

Take the NHS for example. When it was first set up it was designed to be a simple, and affordable healthcare system which, if used sensibly, would give a reasonable degree of healthcare for all. Now it has become a multimillion pound industry with a range of services almost to broad to understand, yet it’s users still claim the right to avail themselves of it’s services whenever they so please

One day within the uk we will understand that such services cannot be financed indefinitely, but I suspect that such a day will only come when we are effectively sent home to die

Still, it’s always fun to have a giggle at our Lord’s and Ladies, in whichever seat/s of government where they may lie so here’s to our noble politicians; now where’s that slice of humble pie!

Hope you enjoy the video’s below

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