Mirror, Mirror On the Wall…..a time for reflection

Who am I, What am I, Where am I going?

Who am I, What am I, Where am I going?

Spring is here, nature is bursting forth in glorious if slightly, at times, unsightly abundance, and wherever you look nature is having thoughts about this years Birds and the bees.

Well that’s nature for you, and by any standard she’s a pretty generous lady, but alongside this wonderous spectacle, a slightly sadder sight, in my opinion is to be seen

Is it the endless miles of tarmac or concreted car parks, is it the packed tube trains or busses, as they rumble and screech into the towns? No, Nothing so grim, yet it is still just as worrying. What I am referring to is the retailers cry of get yourself fit for the spring. Get a new hairdo, the glossies tell us. Tighten those naughty tummy muscles, polish up those wintry nails, feed, burnish, and smother your skin, and get ready to present a perfect version of yourself to the world.

All I can say to that is, why?

Magic-of-Makeup-63Why are such things so important?

Why can’t we accept ourselves as nature made us, and?

Why is it, that, in pursuance of such a dream, we all get so worried, so terrified of failure, and so totally self absorbed as to how e look rather than concentrating on who we are?

Look at the picture that lies with this section, and think about what you see. Maybe it is just me, and yes I am a man so I probably don’t understand, but on the left I see the face of a kindly woman who, though possibly a little tired, is at peace with herself. She is as she is, and she is as nature made her, and she knows that her looks will fade with age.

On the right we see very different picture. Titled the magic of make up-before and after, we see a very different woman. She is beautifully made up, her hair has been lightened, and several lines around the nose and chin have been disguised. Yet what about the eyes. They have been beautifully decorated and enhanced, as have the eyebrows, but, through such a process, have they not become an empty and meaningless void. With picture on the left hand side the eyes are sending out a warm if tired message, so if the make up has  applied a touch of magic, is that magic so beneficial after all?

Why bother writing about this when such a story is as old as time. I hear some say. Well my answer is simply that of look all around you as you go out shopping. How many real shops do you see, i.e, shops that sell something solid and useful. If you want dream factories, you are in luck, as they are in great profusion, and if utilised to the full you’ll end up not recognising yourself, but no dream lasts forever, so what happens come the end of the day

The make up comes off, the magnificent new hairdo lies crushed on the pillow, and when you ask your spouse if he or she loves you, you’ll probably get a porcine grunt as he or she turns away so as to sleep on his or her favourite side.

There is of course the old maxim that you look your best so as to attract a partner, but are such partners really worth so much effort? After all, if they are so shallow as to only look at what lies on the surface, what are they going to think of you in few years time

Beauty fades but dumb is forever as Judge Judy has stated, so if you chase beauty, you may well get beauty, but beware of what lies under the skin.

Sometimes though beauty can be tragic, as can be seen by a story that I’m retelling here.

When I was about sixteen I saw a beautiful lady coming out of a synagogue. As beautifully attired and made up as she was  a beautiful lady she had a grace and  poise about her which was beyond compare, but she had  a problem, for as she glanced toward me upon hearing me approaching, she was scared. Not that I would attack her, not that I would demand money with menaces, or at least I don’t think so, but scared that she was maybe not dressed correctly, or that, God Forbid, she was breaking some dress , social, or religious code.

From that day onwards I realised that conformity and appearance, are of no importance, unless you really believe them to be so, and a 20yr marriage has proved to me that what matters lie inside. So my message to one and all this springtide is to take  good long hard look at yourself in the mirror, and like you really are.

So what if you see one or two grey hairs, one or two laughter lines, and an odd spot or two. Nature has provided you with a wonderful brain, and given you a body and a lifetime to enjoy it, so to hell with the moronic masses that you sense may well stand in judgement.

They, whoever they maybe, don’t matter,

you matter,

so, unless nature has been unusually cruel to you, or you have suffered a traumatic disfigurement, throw away the grease pots, the skin conditioners and toner, and dump the tiers of lippy and eye liners that forever haunt your dreams

Call me a man, call me what you will, for even I think I’m a bit of an aged Quasimodo, but why not smile at your self in the mirror, and then really begin to live that dream. Oh yes, while you’re at the mirror why not sing along to the video below.








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