A kiss is just a kiss….Not always

kiss kissI am sure I scarcely need to reiterate the story behind the post that follows, but just in case any reader has been asleep for the last 48 hr, there has been trouble of one of the many coffee houses in Vienna

In essence a lesbian couple were ejected from a Viennese coffee by the coffee shop proprietor for what was described as canoodling and in appropriate behaviour. In response to this a 2000 strong gay rights movement occurred in response to this incident in order to draw wider attention to discrimination against gays.

This story has been plastered all over the internet and various media channels, but to my mind one or two salient questions have so far not been raised

The proprietor, who has now expressed  regrets about such actions that evening, has refuted the couples claim that it was only a greeting kiss, and has stated that the couple were ejected to

“to ensure that recognised standards of behaviour in society are adhered to by all guests”.

The exact truth of what happened can only be known by those present, and even that is open to interpretation but the response from the  Rainbow Scouting Austria rights group has been interesting, for a spokesperson for the group stated

“The law needs to change. It cannot be that gay and lesbians get thrown out of a cafe or restaurant for kissing,”

At first glance this seems ok, and I abhor any discrimination wether it be based on gender, sexual orientation, colour, creed, or any other area of discrimination, but, working within the retail service sector I do have one or two concerns.

To begin, with what of the heterosexual community, should such a change in law apply to them as well?

If so how far should such a show of affection go, regardless of sexual orientation, and how public should such a viewing be?

Finally,  how much consideration should be given to others within the vicinity?

To see what I mean look at the pictures below, which would you consider to be appropriate if you were having a coffee and a natter with a friend

kiss 1Kiss 1…OK/






hot kissKiss 2…Still ok?







Amphibious Southern PartnershipKiss 3…well?

(By the by,






I, for one, am extremely happy for all three couples, as are they not simply expressing their affection foe each other in their own way, but I also admit that, at times, such shows of affection can cause distress to others who, through no fault of their own, nor by any premeditation, just happen to be arround.

In the first instance, kiss one, I think most onlookers would laugh, or at least smile, and maybe even applaud the actions of the gentleman

with Kiss 2 slighty more concern might be felt, for how far might such a couple intend going?

french kissNow for kiss 3, is such a show of affection suitable for public display. Some might say no, on the grounds of either explicitness, or sexual orientation , but is it so very different than the picture that goes with this section of text

This is a well known, much applauded, and much loved photograph, taken at the end of world war two. but in all three aforementioned cases might at least one visitor to the coffee shop, or wherever, at least think of, if not vocalise, the phrase of

“Come on you guys, get a room!”

I have seen this happening, and although it has never bothered me, I have heard such an expression used, but does it’s usage automatically express discriminatory displeasure of their actions

In this recent incident in Austria it seems that such an assumption was made by the couple in question, and, backed up by the gay rights movement, the story has hit the news

Maybe, in this instance the gay rights protestors were right to protest, who knows, but I think at least some consideration should have been given to others who were also in the vicinity

If the protest was justified I deplore the couples ejection from the coffee shop, but maybe, on reflection, a kiss is not always just a kiss. Sometimes, it can be an awful lot more.

I hope you enjoy the video below


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2 replies

  1. Hi Chris, Thanks for the post. I am unfortunately not able to post a comment on your link due to network firewalls of our company. However, I am going to post the comment here for you.

    People are prejudicial – that is a fact. Even if the most liberated person says he isn’t, there is sure to be some part of him that is. We will have to accept that there are people out there who are different in race, colour, religion and of course, sexual preference. When a gay person (and I use the term here to include all non-heterosexual people as defined by society) kisses their partner, who are we to judge them. BUT… as your blog says, a kiss isn’t always a kiss. Personally, I will get uncomfortable if a kiss in a public place seems more than just a kiss – when two parties are searching for each other’s tonsils, then I feel that the behaviour is a bit over-board, and I feel that any proprietor has the right to ask the parties to leave, or else ask them to behave appropriately. I personally do not mind two gay people sharing a kiss, holding hand or any such public affection as I would not mind that from a heterosexual person. I think that each situation calls for discretion, and as lovers of any kind should know that sometimes, however much you love or want that person – there is a certain public norm that must be respected.




    • Hi Chantalle

      What else can I say, but I agree. It is interesting what you say about predjudice as, reluctantly there is a part of me that has to agree, despite what I believe to be my very liberal attitude. For me it is certain accents that grate upon my ears. I wouldn’t say that I was prejudiced, but I can appreciate that such a view might be held. My only other ” prejudice” is about the use of the wird “gay”. I use it for speed and clarity, but I do wish that it’s meaning could go back to that of just being happy and free spirited. Call me old fashioned, but that’s just the way I feel


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