The Pointless Perfect Christmas…why aim so high?

Bloody vets and their scakpals....Now...where have they put my balls!

A curse on my owners and all veterinary surgeons!….Now…where have they hidden my balls!

“I’m looking for the smallest Christmas pudding available. I’m on my own, and I don’t like Christmas pudding, but I’ve got to have one, as it’s Christmas

That’s right folks it’s Christmas, and once again millions of households are bracing themselves for what is to come

Field of sprouts are being lined up for the festive tables, Turkeys are being gobbled up from many a supermarket freezer ((pardon the pun), and all over the world recipe books are being scoured to find that oh so perfect recipe or festive ingredient which will complete the magnificent to come

In living rooms across the world whole vaults of christmas cards are being sorted and analysed so as to get to their destination, and seating plans are being prepared so that Flatulent and Lecherous Uncle George is kept well away from pubescent and impossibly Randy Elspeth who, quite frankly will sit on any man’s knee

Home bars are being topped up with liquor of all shapes and sizes, just in case the neighbours, who never pop in,thank God, actually do pop in, and all across the land credit cards are being stretched to their limit so that Little Robert or Suzie can have this years must have present.

We all ignore the fact that family members often don’t want to see each other. We lie through our back teeth about turkey and Brussel sprouts which, quite frankly when put together, want to make us vomit and poo. And God Forbid we actually tell our beloved what we think of our carefully selected or chosen petrol station Christmas present. I mean we love our partners, even if they have ordered us to shove our hand up the backside of a dead turkey, of grabbed our precious malt whisky son as to lace the Christmas pudding, or set fire to the newly decorated front room

Yet none of the above matter as Christmas day approaches, for, come hell or high water, this years Christmas Day is going to be perfect, and, singing carols around a yuletide log fire, we are all going to be full of Seasonal cheer and having a wonderful time

For so many of us though this will be put Dream, so I ask the simple question of why bother with all those preparations, and why bother aiming so high.

All I want for Christmas is.........

All I want for Christmas is………

Look at the teddy bear opposite, and you may well see what I mean

Ok so we are not all teddy bears, and we are not always sitting on a cardboard box, but at this time of the year do not most of us end up chasing some impossible dream.

Of course some people do have a perfect Christmas, see the comment made by the little girl in my previous post called Has Christmas died , but for most of such dreams often flatter to deceive.

So this is the advice that I would give to anyone who is getting stressed out over Christmas, and yes, the opening comment IS real.

  1. Eat and drink what you like and when you like, albeit in moderation
  2. Invite people to you house you actually want to see or talk to
  3. Have the strength to politely refuse certain invitations, or in simple terms
  4. Learn when to stop and learn how to say no

Christmas can be wonderful, if you have the strength and the opportunity to make it so. You don’t need to empty your bank account, and stuff yourself until bursting, and you certainly don’t need to retain that oh so hollow smile

This is especially so for those who are disadvantaged with society, or those who suffer from depression or mental illness, so I urge everybody to just stand back for one moment so as to see who is really around.

If Christmas is stressful for those who have adequate resources at our disposal, and who have no or few long term difficulties of  the mind, then just think how difficult Christmas can be for these poor devils for whom Christmas can be a period of lonely despair

Am I saying that we should all rush out and indistinctly help all and sundry?

Certainly not as warmth, if given to generously, can be just as dangerous as icy cold indifference, or deliberately applied  cruelty or pain. All I’m  saying is just keep an eye out for them as you get ready for Christmas. It is possible that they might not need or want any help, as you may be intruding into a life they are happy with, or accidentally pushing them one step to far, but for many a simple cup of coffee would be so very welcome, or just a warm smile across  a table top or at a party, and a reassuring nod so as to say to them that is ok and safe for them to join the merry crowd

That all it can take folks, and, yes, all you mental heath sufferers etc, you have got to give of yourselves if such help is desired and placed before you. You must meet the outstretched hand half way, and make an effort, as remember, they may well be as insure and uncertain as you

So all I can say is make your Christmas YOUR Christmas, and, as far as possible, try to realise your dreams rather than aiming to live out the dreams of others. Maybe this is the true meaning of life, as well of Christmas, and so it is I leave you with two video’s to enjoy. One is about the enjoyment of a traditional Christian Christmas while the other is a more reflective video about the attainment of one’s dreams

You chose which is more applicable, and you chose your dream, but have try and have a good time over Christmas folks, be be of good cheer



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