Hey there! I’m Jennifer Michelle!

When Chris contacted me about being a part of his project, Dealing with Depression, I was so excited. Then, I wondered if I was qualified to help. Finally, I realized that…unfortunately…yes, I am absolutely qualified.

My name is Jennifer Michelle Jones, and I have dealt with depression for years; my whole life, actually. I’ve been depressed for so long, in fact, that I don’t even know what it feels like to not suffer from mental illness. It creates a tremendous about of chaos and stress in my life, but it’s my life and I’m going to keep trying to live it…even if it kills me.

My family history is filled with depression. The worst case of depression in my family hit my maternal grandfather two years before I was born. He committed suicide when my mother was just 14 years old. Let me tell you…that sort of thing leaves a scar on the entire family. Not just for a little while, but for a long, long, long, long time.

At my blog, Writing Realities, I write a bit about depression. I’ve written many characters who probably suffer one or more mental illnesses. I have also touched on this topic before on my other blog, Writing Compulsion, where I wrote under my former married name, Jennifer Welch.

As of today, my writing on depression or other mental illnesses will be limited to the Dealing with Depression project in an effort to help my friend Chris. I hope that my writings will be part of the change Chris is hoping to make. As I said to him recently, small change IS change…so even this small change might be enough to do some greater good in someone’s life.

God bless you all. If you need a friend, I am here. My personal email (checked every single day, several times a day) is jonesjennifermichelle@gmail.com and you are more than welcome to email any time, day or night, about any topic. Just don’t try to go at this depression monster alone! Stand with us to fight against those demons.

Even if you just want a friend to talk to so you can pretend you’re not depressed for a while, I understand and I’m here for you. Reach out today if you’re thinking about hurting yourself. Reach out if you’re afraid for someone you love. Reach out if you’re happy and having a good mental health day. I want to know you! Let’s fight the fight together. There’s power in numbers!

Jennifer Michelle Jones


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    Here’s a guest post for my friend Chris! His blog is great, and his project Dealing with Depression is a great resource for sufferers and loved ones of sufferers!

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  2. Hi Jenn: Hope it is okay that I call you Jenn? Anyway, I just read your post reply and acceptance to write on the topic, “Dealing with depression.” It is very endearing how you approach the topic. Depression and mental illness and several mental illnesses. I can testify to all of the above unfortunately. My family has had it’s full of various mental illnesses running rife through the blood stream and nervous systems. It is believed that it comes from my dear sweet blessed mother’s gene pool and poor wonderful dad endured the lot because he loved her so much. May God rest both their souls until the trumpet sounds and the dead who in Christ (Those whom have fallen asleep ) shall raise first and then those Praise the Lord.

    All in all there are 21 of us. My mother had seven brilliantly crazy children for dad and well…anyhow before I get too far out into the deep. I believe I have inherited by divine election the sole responsibility to be the caregiver to the ones who have developed some kind of psychosis and or mental disability in our family tree- siblings both young and old. RIP Prince Edward Richardson sufferer of paranoid schizophrenia. My eldest brother was only 47 years of age when he passed from this life. But i know and truly believe he is at peace now. Amen. His soul is finally at peace and rest.

    Now I am saying all of this because from being a caregiver by divine selection to loved ones whom suffer with depression a type of mental illness to hanging out with other siblings whom seem to have a handle on theirs, hear me loud and clear. There are no making deals with depression. Depression is the new weight loss diet. There is no cure but there seems to be a lot of antidotes, treatments going around like we are entertaining the demons and they gladly oblige for a spell or two then they come back at it teasing and tormenting their victims. Depression i believe is a spiritual issue because it is like the wind. It can not be seen only it’s effects can be observed. I began talking about depression earlier this year in my wordpress channel http://www.sincerelyjessicamaerichardson.wordpress.com.

    I endured a horrible plight heavy dose of the stuff right after my father passed from this life. (Daddy was 99 years of age when he went and I’ve never in all my years witness such a viliant stance when it came to living life. He had what you call a zeal no matter how the wind and the tempest blew, he knew how to hold on. have to give honor where honor is due. Amen.

    Anyhow, on depression. today in the headlines when I see the term depression coupled with mental illness, I feel like finally our day has come and it is safe to tell our story; sing our song. But what I do not want to at all is glorify it to the point where it becomes like a huge maze of events taking center stage. It is good to talk about it to a certain degree because that finds it’s evil antics out. The moody blues have no place to hide nor run too in our minds nor have a cover for what they really are.

    I believe the entire point on talking about depression or dealing with it; also speaking on how to over come it and staying connected in the overcoming to the point that we simply talk depression off the table and out the front door. At least to the degree that we simply come to the understanding depression is not our friend and we are not going to deal with it anymore.


    • I like your approach. I don’t have your faith but that but neither here nor there. The main thing is that we, as depressives share our experiences with each other (when we are ready and able to do so), with those who love or care for us, and all those who are interested in finding out more. By such means agreater understanding of deprssion and mental; illness can occur. Can depression be beaten; I personally don’t think so, but at least through mutual support we increase the chances of keeping it under control


  3. I agree with Chris that depression can be treated, but not necessarily cured. I have recently been told that I am a classic borderline personality by my new psychiatrist. I asked my therapist about it and he said that he was fully aware that I had it but that the treatment for it wouldn’t work on me (he’s known me 10 years) with all the rest of my issues. And there are a lot of issues!
    I think open discussions on mental health are long overdue and that is why I am silent no more. My mother and brother have pretty much disowned me. They believe I am faking all this, I wish I were that talented. I am also available to talk if anyone needs me. joannr7@yahoo.com I welcome any and all comments and questions. Thank you Chris for opening the door.


  4. joannr7, I tried to email you, but the email was returned to me undelivered. If you’d like you can contact me at jonesjennifermichelle@gmail.com so that I have your email address in my contact list! Thanks for your comments, everyone! I really appreciate the discussion on this, and I hope to write more discussion-prompting articles in the future. Any suggestions, problems, concerns, or topics in particular that you guys wish to hear more about?

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