Every Different Path

My depression is a hollow place

Devoid of light and filled with waste

Wasted breath, wasted time

Wasted words I’ll never find

I feel so empty, yet I’m not

I’m full of despair and I watch the clock

Tick away the seconds of this life

That ends in sorrow and ends in strife

For every different path I take

Leads me back to this same place

Overwhelming sorrow I engage

There is no freedom from this cage

Anxiously I await

To see who dares cross my gate

Maybe one day, if I am found,

They’ll loosen the chains with which I am bound

We all get depressed now and again

But this loneliness for me never ends

I take my meds, have therapy

But this is real and this is me

For every different path I take

Leads me back to this same place

Will there ever come a time

Where I’ll believe the world is mine

When I won’t worry and despair

Where I can breathe the midnight air

Where the sunlight hits my face

And I can join the human race

Yet every different path I take
Leads me back to this same place


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1 reply

  1. Hi Joanne.

    I’m no poet but this is good. Grim but good.

    You might like to glance at the post Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow and, possiblyCollaborative health care in Canada on http://www.shared-care.ca/toolkits-anxiety. I hope you don’t think that I am teaching youto suck eggs by refering to the site, but at least it shows there are others out there who both understand and care.

    Remeber, as I have said before. You are not alone. Either as shoulders upon which to cry, or proffesionals within the field of mental illness there will be those around you both willing and wanting to give you a helping hand


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