Run Rabbit Run



There are many things I enjoy doing on my days off, and there are many other things I regularly do on such days whether I like it or not, but just occasionally something rather unusual pops up out of the blue

Take this Monday morning for example. What was I doiung…chasing a rabbit…that’s right, chasing a rabbit, and at 7 o’clock in the morning

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve nothing against rabbits, dead or alive, but as I and others spent the next fifteen minutes coraling up what can only be described as being a recidivist escapee bunny of the highest and most regular order, I got thinking about this ‘ere rabbit in a different way

To begin with, as you begin to stalk the little beggar your begin laughing, as you admire the sheer tenacity of the rabbit and the obduracy of it being unwilling to stay in its pen. Then, after sliding down grass banks and reaching under parked cars you start thinking about rabbit casserole, jugged hare, and rabbit pie, but in the end a new thought sidles into your mind.

Why do we keep wild animals as “pets” and then wonder why they try to escape back into the wild. Bear in mind I am mot just talking rabbits here, for, as a species, we seem determined to enslave all manner of livestock, but if we are so determined to do so, then should we not expect such creatures to escape into the wild

Whoa there all you pet lovers and animal keepers, I’m sur you love your pets and do your very best by them, but don’t you think that, at times we go just a little to far.

I mean dogs and cats for sure; although I have yet to meet a true cat owner as the question of ownership always seems to be the other way round. Fish seem fine so long as you feed them right and change their water, and even some reptiles seem to be quite comfortable with a a bit of heat, a few flies, and a bit of artificial sun but sometimes I think we go just a a little to far

So here is are a couple of question for all of you bloggers and pet owners out there, and believe me, I’d love to get some replies. As regards “owning” a pet,

  1. Should we really be so surprised if they make a bid for freedom?
  2. Do you think they reckon the grass, or whatever, really is greener on the other side?
  3. where do you think the line in the sand should be drawn as regards animal selection?
  4. If we believe that natural freedom should be curtailed through our affection, should we accept such restrictions as being applicable to ourselves as well?
  5. If they could communicate with us, what do you think they might actually say?

And finally, a question for all you cat owners

  • How many of you really are cat owners, or are you merely their obedient servant and life long utterly compliant slave!?

That’s about all folks, but let me assure you that despite my levity on this occasion I am very much on the side of the animals, and animal neglect and cruelty drive me insane.

Really!… think this is YOUR’S do you?….Oh how sad!

Do I own a pet by the way; oh no, two cats own me and my good lady. We feed them, water them, keep them warm, and provide suitable furnishings and accommodation; and with their disgruntled consent, take them to the vets occasionally.

Yet despite this we are but nothing. They are our masters, and like most cat ” owners, we are their well trained obedient and, of course, unpaid slaves

Oh yes, one final point.

Rabbit lovers across the world will be delighted to know that no harm came to the rabbit. We swore, we crawled underneath cars, and we stumbled and slipped over many hidden tussocks and hummocks, or at least found one or two lumps of cannine excreta hitherto unnoticed and untated or unsampled on the ground. But the rabbit is fine, and when last seen it was happily munching on a bed of fresh Romaine, and not iceberg,  lettuce.

Such is life, and I have no doubt that such events as recently experienced will re-occur very quickly, but I leave you with a two video’s that sums up all that has gone before

What else can I say but…

and I hope that this little beggar found it’s way home!


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