Celebrity Twitter Leaks..OMG another one!

Oh..that was sooo good!..so very very good!!

Oh..that was sooo good!..so very very good!!

By my own admission I am what many of my  work colleagues ( by age and sometimes by intelligence) call on old fogey.

It seems I am “out of touch” with social media networks, and I am “not in synch” with what is going on around me

Decidedly non-savy and on-cool with the exciting world of social media around me I apparently live in a world that is back in the dark ages.

I have a mobile phone, but no mobile internet access. My weekly text message count is lower than the Marianna trench. I talk to my wife before going to work so as to confirm any daily arrangements, and if I do use social media it is only to promote my blog posts or writing.

When I use such services I never post photographs of myself dressed or undressed, and I never post entries without some definite purpose. Some individuals might find it exhilarating to say that they have got up that morning and had a mug of coffee, just as others might find such insights fascinating, so yes, I admit that I am not “hip”, “with it-sorry wiv it”, or “in the grove”, so therefore I am,  what my generation used to call “square”

Sorry everyone,,that ugly mug belongs to me

Sorry everyone,,that ugly mug belongs to me

If truth be told I’m slightly pear shaped due to twenty years happy marriage, and, facially Quasimodo has little on me, (see what I mean), but that is neither here nor there in relation to the real message in this post.

My real message is that of a plea for information, lest I am going slightly insane

Can someone tell me what is going on with all these Celebrity Twitter Leak.

I understand what they are, and what is happening, although I thought clouds were more those fuzzy things in the sky, but what I cannot get my head round is why are all these idiotic celebrities getting their knickers in a twist, should they have been wearing them in the first place of course

Even I know the purpose of putting things onto icloud, twitter, Facebook etc is to broadcast your message or whatever to all nations and for all I know to beyond, so has it ever occurred to these in-touch, synched up, hip, and “wiv it”, cool dudes that, if they are daft enough to record such antics, and then post them so publicly, others may actually notice that they are there.

I have always believed that if you want to keep something private you should avoid going public or even risk going public. If you don’t want the world and his oyster to see you “au naturel” then keep your clothes or put the camera to one side. If your words are for you and you alone don’t post then for others to see, and ladies, if you don’t want to show certain bits of your anatomy to press photographers or to any other interested parties, dress accordingly, and remember that, even if accidental exposure does occur, underwear can be worn

So to close this post with a few “guidelines” that potential post-ees might just want to follow

  • If you don’t want others to see it don’t post it
  • remember..SOCIAL  media is SOCIAL..it’s all in the name
  • The camera can lie, and you might want to afterwards
  • posting embarrassing photographs, videos etc is not , I repeat not obligatory, by law. You take the photo, or put yourself in a position where the photograph or whatever is taken (excluding illegal intrusion etc). That is your choice, and if you broadcast it then it is your funeral
  • Social Media systems are rather like cars. They are inanimate vehicles of transport or information distribution, but whatever you may think of both when the car or the computer crashes, they do not have free will or a brain. You, the user have both, so if you run a red light at an intersection, or post a graphic Selfie — see next post from Umpety Lumpety –, well, that’s your funeral
  • Finally, you might want to learn from the video below–see what I mean

P.S For those who follow  such things this post has been sent to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pin…you see I can see that such outlets have their uses after all






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