I can’t write…..I’m no writer

Who want's to hear MY views"

Who want’s to hear MY views”

“You don’t understand, do you…I can’t do it…I can’t write…I’m no writer, and even if I could do so, who wants to hear MY views”

Ring any bells anyone, it sure does with me, and I reckon it does so with many of you suffering from depression.

Why do we say that though, whose literary rules are we abiding by, and, if we do manage to achieve what we believe to be impossible, what damage might actually be done

This post is all about overcoming the silence and lonilness of being a depressive, and giving you tips so that, in  your own way and time, you can possibly start talking about it from the point of view of a survivor, that oh so wonderful position that we all dream about but which, if we are lucky, always sits close by our side

So, let’s get going.

  1. Can you write
  2. Who decides what is good writing
  3. What can you write about
  4. Who should you write too
  5. What are the Pro’s and Con’s of such a venture

Sounds simple, doesn’t it, but I know from experience, that if you are in a state of dark depression, nothing is easy, and, at times, nothing has any point at all. So lets take each point one by one


writing1/ Can you write

Yes, of course you can. If you open your mouth and speak you are speaking; if you write a word, even just one word on a piece of paper, or type on a screen, you are writer; so let’s get that one out of the way.

There is only one of you, and nobody else should control your mind. It may be battered, and it may cripple you, but it is still yours, and yours to use to the full

I recall, many years ago, being ticked of by a psychologist when I said I was akin to a soldier who was shell shocked from a war. I said I couldn’t make things any better, and that is when she pointed out her wheel chair

“You say you can’t cope with life because of childhood, adolescent, and other related traumas, but look at me, with my Multiple Sclerosis, and my wheel chair. You can talk, and you can walk, even if it means taking one small step at a time!”

She was right,God Bless her, and I deserved such a remonstration. Many more tough weeks and months followed, including an on the spot threat of sectioning, but looking back over the years, that was the start of the recovery period to come


Got that Mum.....understand

Got that Mum…..understand?

2/ Who decides what is good writing

Look at the quote below, and just think about it

If you can tell stories, create characters, devise incidents, and have sincerity and passion, it doesn’t matter a damn how you write.

Somerset Maugham

It is true that people can tell you what you cannot write, as there are laws of copyright, libel, and slander, and it is true that others can tell you when you can write, i.e when you are meant to be working, or being with your partner, but no one can tell you how to write

There are no rules only guidelines, and your style is yours to chose, and yours to control, so ignore the “they say-ers” and the technical experts. Abiding by certain rules is advantageous so that others can understand you, but if your writing is legible, understandable, and pertinent to the subject in question; then the choice of style is yours


You don't like what I've written.....go sue me

You don’t like what I’ve written…..go sue me

3/What can you write above

I mentioned in the previous section about slander and libel, but there is an even more important point to be made here.

When you write, or speak yo anyone about the subject of your choice, you need to remember one thing above all others, and that is the fac t that you are telling everybody else that you are there

Now this can be great, so long as you are confident about others knowing all about you, but you need to be ready for any bullets that might come whizzing past your ear.

Some of the bullets might come from others while others may well come from within as various inner safe’s and sanctuaries are inadvertentdly opened, but be prepared to be boxed quite painfully around the ears. Even if you write in a vacuum there is no guarantee of safety, as one you unlock one memory, others soon come rushing up by it’s side

So I would say there are no real limits, but I would still say be careful of raising as ea of hornets, and basically be warned

To my Lover or my Mother.....hmmm...forget Mum!

To my Lover or my Mother…..hmmm…forget Mum!

4/ Who should you write to?

No-one can tell you that, and the Joy is that some writing is meant purely for yourself when no-one else is around.

Does that mean that, by doing so,you are mad, and that you are responding to little green men or voices in your head. No way, but I suppose we all need to be aware of that possibility.

It is simply the case that you are using words to clarify problems or thoughts that are going through your mind. Think of emptying your pockets, and throwing away or organising the contents within; and then think of your mind as being that pocket. We all need a bit of a mental spring clean occasionally, and what better way to do than to lay your mind out before your eyes.

If you are lucky though, your words might be meant for others, and the simple rule is chuck it out there and see if anyone is listening, and if they do so, and tell you about it, consider giving them some more.

Yes, it really is that simple

You can study various potential audience sectors, you can tailor you words to a specific subject, angle, or theme, but the more genuine you are in your writing, the higher the chance that recognition will come your way

You may well be a lone voice crying in the wilderness, and, for all I know, you may well be tarmacing a road for the Lord, but even if just one voice answers you, wouldn’t that be a a job well done?

No caption needed...have fun!

No caption needed…have fun!

5/What are the Pro’s and Con’s of such a venture

Many years ago I was introduced to the management analysis toot the S.W.O.T analysis, or the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats analysis, and it is with is vehicle that I close, or come close to closing this post now


  • You alone can tell your story
  • You can say what goes
  • You can declutter your mind




  • Once the cork is out of the bottle, all manner of things can rise to the surface
  • Your mind can trip you up in the process
  • Decluttering leaves an empty space. Nature loathes such emptiness, so beware



  • You can gain self confidence
  • You can speak your mind
  • You can gain recognition
  • You can make new friends and they might help you
  • It can be an illuminating and rewarding process





  • If unsupported, such self confidence can send you crashing down to the ground
  • You can speak your mind, but then others can do the same
  • Recognition can also mean that you are branded as a fool
  • You can also make enemies
  • It is hard work, especially as regards more sensitive areas, and it can unlock other demons which have hitherto been kept under lock and key

So there you have it, my views on being a depressive and being a writer. Is such a process for everyone, oc course not, as we are all individuals, but speaking as one who has been a phone reciever away from sectioning, on two occasions  in fact, and who has survived to run this blog, write short stories, and to tell this story, I can only say give it a go

I said I couldn’t do it. I said nobody would want to listen to me, or to read what I had to say,and I thought my life had been an utter and complete waste of time, so if I here writing this post, why can’t you?

You can do it, and the only person who says otherwise is you, so why not at least give it some thought and consideration, and maybe even write a blog, your own life experiences, or even a story of your own.

That really is all folks, but I hope you have enjoyed this post, and I hope you will; come back for more, but in the meantime I hope you can stop for a moment, chill, and enjoy the video below




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5 replies

  1. Hallo Chris, once again a inspiring blog. Yes, we can all write, and yes we can put our ideas out there. But you don’t have to put them out there. I put them in a folder under the name “Thought” on my computer. And what has come out there, can be quite scary at times.
    Keep going, dear friend.


    • Hi Chantalle

      fair point, I’ll be doing a follow up post on this shortly. I suppose I am lucky, in one sense, that I have “found” my writers voice, yet I have no cares about myself, but yes, there can be problems, especiallly if you have no tools to deal with unexpected thoughts or consequences that might arise


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  1. I can’t write..I’m not a writer…follow up post « Let me tell U a story

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