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Now in your own time...tell me what's on your mind

Now in your own time…tell me what’s on your mind

If you have ever received treatment for Depression or mental illness, there is a high chance that you have at some point ended up in the Psychologist’s, therapist’s, or psychiatrist’s chair.

Whether it’s just talking things through, Cognitive behavioral examination, or undergoing a grilling about what makes you tick, is immaterial. You sit there, sometimes going through absolute hell as the mess of your life lies out in front of you, while your helper takes notes, and quietly guides you further down the line

All very good. You have gone in his or her lair, you have opened up your heart, and come out of the room, if you are unlucky, like a crushed box of corn flakes, but what if such an event could be viewed in a different and more positive way?

What if you had the strength to view it as  an oportunity for self re-invention, and a chance to both gain a survival technique, and to look at yourself in an entirely different way?

To some, submerged in the depth of mental illness and depression, this might sound ridiculous, but as a guy who has been through Hell and all it’s associated stages, and treatment therapies, I am here to tell you that it can be done. Sure it is painful, sure it so painful that, at it’s toughest, words come out of your mouth, one syllable at a time, and sure, when this occurs, you walk out of the room or wherever feeling absolutely lousy. Yet, if you are lucky or brave enough to seize the moment or moments, you may well find that a critical corner has been turned, and an oportunity has been given to you to get the monster within you under some kind of control.

That opportunity would best be described as self re-invention or personality change.

Now this is no bed of roses, so before I go any further, lets look at the positives and negatives of such a change


  1. You have an oportunity to create a anew and positive life for yourself
  2. You can do so in a safe and secure environment
  3. You can learn to control your inner demons
  4. You can gain inner strength and self belief to a degree which you may have hitherto thought to be unimaginable
  5. You can gain new life skills, and develop a new way of thinking


  1. You may have too accept that your new life is not the one you ordered
  2. The environment may be safe and secure, but re-invention can still be bloody painful
  3. Once you open the gates so as to control your demons, other ones may sneak up on the side
  4. Things may get worse before they get better, so be prepared for an occasional fall
  5. New life skills and a anew way of thinking, certainly, but once you step out of the shadows, it’s a big and at times bad world out there, and in all of our lives the occasional shower or thunderstorm must and will occur

So is it worth it, this re-invention? Is it worth the pain and uncertainty that, at some point, you are almost inevitably bound to feel?

My answer to that is an unequivical yes, because what have you got to lose.

Is your old life so special; the one which has driven you to the need for re-invention, and if your life is so well balanced and happy, why are you sitting in the chair?

Of course it is tough, and at times humiliating, but in summation, you might like to follow the steps below. Identify a safe and secure space where you can relax and think clearly, and then

  1. Create a minds eye vision of the future

  2. Write or sing about that future and visualise how to get there, and how it will feel once you are there

  3. surround yourself with visual reminders of where you would like your life to be

  4. Subdivide your vision into achievable sections

  5. Finish every day with your vision of walking forward to the future

5 steps to reinvention

There are one or to things that you need to bear in mind though

  1. You have to do the work, no-one can do it for you
  2. It is hard work, and it mat well have to be repeated
  3. New challenges will occur as your new life unfold before you, so inevitably, be prepared for more change
  4. There is no one program for everyone You are an individual, you alone own your mind, and you alone really know how such a change may occur

It can work though, and if it works you will emerge from such a process, stronger, wiser, more self aware, and with a inner toolkit that will support you over the years to come.

So why not give it a try

In the meantime I hope you enjoy the video below

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