Time Travel and Hypnotherapy


hypnotherapy “Do you think it is possible to travel back in time?”

That is the question that has generated this post, and it was posed to me at work by a fellow member of staff who was curious about hypnotherapy.

He knew that I had once undergone a course of hypnotherapy, analytical hypnotherapy to be precise, and he knew that I was prepared to discuss such matters, so it got me thinking.

  1. What was the best way to deal with such a question so as to give an immediate answer, and
  2. what was the best way to impart my experiences to others who might be considering such a course of action

Point 1-The immediate answer

It was very easy to give an answer to his question, yet it was nearly impossible to give him an answer that made any kind of sense. The easy answer was, yes, as, under hypnosis, I have experienced what I perceive as time travel, but how do you explain to someone that you went back to comfort yourself when you were aged nine

How do you say that, as an adult, you walk across a public park, and an ongoing game of casual cricket, so as to lead yourself, as a seven year old boy, away to safety. Not only that you then reassure him that everything will be ok, and that the future he perceives will not be nearly as bad as it seems

furthermore, how do you pass on to any listener a dream sequence where that boy, in a kind of pouch, was then carried by yourself over the years to come, and you were his tour guide, if you will, showing him what was going to occur.

Well I tried my best, and it certainly got him thinking about life very differently, but since then ny mind has been working on the second point that I have raised, i.e how might I pass on my experiences

relaxPoint 2-Passing on the baton

Ok, first  few basics. For those who have not visited this blog before I have had, and have, along history of depression and related maters which can be seen in two of my previous posts, click here, and click here.

For this post though the critical point is that I knew that I had mentally and screwed up my life at the age of seven. That might sound crazy but even at that age I knew I had no social skills, that I had failed socially, mentally, and personally,  and that the years ahead would be filled with nothing but more failure, social inadequacy and pain.

For many years this was all true, all too true, to the extent that I had no knowledge of what friendship meant until I was 26, and upon finding out about it I went into my second mental breakdown because the pain of warmth and happiness was to severe

For the next few years nothing really improved. Psychologists talked to me, and I talked to them. I was stuffed full of Anti D’s, and given cognitive therapy, and one upon such a merry-go-round I went round and round again. Mercifully I then saw an advert for hypnotherapy treatment, and, very surprisingly, my life began to change

Analytical Hypnotherapy

I suspect there are as many descriptions of this treatment as there are sands of grain on a beach, but the description below will do as good as any

Analytical Hypnotherapy can create the right circumstances for you to powerfully change your perspective on your life and problems, so that  your thoughts processes,  belief systems, and behaviours can be positively altered.  When this happens you can take back control of your life and you can react or respond appropriately to any given situation. It can be a very liberating and empowering experience, if you are willing to stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone, and explore the emotions that are hidden away in the subconscious mind. –

quantum leap Coaching

Ok, that sounds great, but will you end up under someone elses control and start barking like a dog or whatever.

No you won’t, this is very different from the classic showmanship or fairground trickery, that often sets you up as a fool

You are in control of your body whilst under hypnosis, you, though your mind, set the pace, and if the hypnotist feels that, due to overriding medical conditions, it is unwise to pursue such a course of treatment, he or she will not allow such a treatment to occur.

Of course there are Charlatans, and fraudsters who offer their services but, for anyone interested a regional index of qualified and accredited practitioners can be sourced by clicking here

So what’s it like being under hypnosis. I suspect it is different for everybody, but for me it was a wonderful experience. At first it painful as I had to lay out my past history, and yes, at first it felt strange, being under hypnosis, but soon I was walking up to a hillside where a self appointed sentry was standing, guarding my subconscious mind. I was told to send the sentry away for a teabreak, and u[pon opening a door in the hillside that led to my subconscious mind, I was told to walk inside

I did so, and once inside I was guided back to when I was a seven year old. Guided back to that first point of grim realisation, and guided back to the very blade of grass where I was standing, as a seven year old. I was told to remove that child away from that spot to a point of safety, to comfort him, and to reassure him that better times were to follow.

All this I did, and it was the start of a recovery process which, I suspect is still going on today.

Is it easy, no?

Is it for everyone,no? and

Is it a  cure for all stress or mental disorders

I would say no, as not all individuals are receptive to hypnosis, and it is my belief that you have to learn to live with such conditions rather than to expect a cure, but it is the most effective treatment that I have ever received, and it has given me a valuable set of remedial and coping tools that I have found to this day

Don’t expect miracles though if you follow such a course of action, and don’t expect it to be easy. It can bring much joy and relief, both short and long term but

  1.  You have to do the work
  2. There are no quick fixes
  3. Your dreams, which you will be asked to record, can be both vivid and confusing
  4. You will be asked to be open to change and to frankly explore difficult issues

Yet all I can say is, if possible, give it a go. Out of all the “treatments” I have received over the years nothing has been so effective, but I must stress gain that this is only my take on such a treatment, and my experiences, so let the user beware

Why have I written this post. Quite simply to try and help others who might have been, or who still might be in my or in similar set of shoes. I am not pushing or offering any service, as I not a hypnotherapist in any shape or form.

All I am is a mental illness survivor trying to help others who might be experiencing a similar pain. I am not “cured”, and I question whether such a cure exists for most sufferers, but if this article enlightens others as regards this treatment, and/or helps them find some kind of relief, then that will do for me.

Do you really travel back in time under hypnosis by the way? I don’t know, but it felt like it. It’s up to you to make up your own mind.

Finally if I anyone wants to contact me about such matters personally, please use the contact form provided, and please enjoy the video’s below, but please make sure you are in a safe secure place, i.e at home on a bed or in a chair if you are playing the second relaxation/ hypnosis video

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  1. Hello, adter reading this awesome paragraph i am also
    happy to share my experience here with colleagues.


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