Magaluf Mayhem….a view from the other side

Come on...let's be 'avin you....let the party begin!

Come on…let’s be ‘avin you….let the party begin!

Most readers will probably know about the a young girl who recently “disgraced herself “while on a holiday in the resort of Magaluf. As such I see know point in going into the graphic details but, if more details are needed click here

When the story broke the media, true to form, jumped up onto their respective high horses, and screamed out about

  1. The girls appalling behaviour
  2. The disgusting Magaluf party scene
  3. The manipulation of young holiday makers
  4. binge drinking and open all hours sexual gratification services, and
  5. Everything else that they could think about

So what, you might say, after all, it was at the very best uncomfortable viewing, and at worst a damming indictment of what our species stands for, but what of the darker and more powerful thread, running throughout this story, which will ensure that the whole wretched thing will happen all over again

What thread is this…quite simply the law of supply and demand

You want it, we’ve got it, and we’ll get more of it so long as you keep on demanding it…that, in laymans terms is how such a law works, so how might the suppliers of such services view such incidents, and is it their fault that such incidents occur?

Well look at the quote below

CARNAGE BARCRAWL -You can choose from 4 different days per week starting in April and ending October we run throughout the full summer, Every Monday/Wednesday/Friday and Saturday starting at the Trh Magalluf (used to be Trh Palmanova) at 8pm. This also includes 4 hours of UNLIMITED drinking 4 hours UNLIMITED free shots and a FREE CARNAGE vest/t-shirt on arrival. 

CARNAGE BOAT PARTY-We have 3 boat parties a week due to high demand.Every Tuesday/Friday and Sunday meeting point is at the FAMOUS coco bongos at 4.30pm. On board our catamaran yacht all your drinks and shots are completely FREE for the duration of our party,Our boat party is 4 hours long and the ATMOSPHERE is AMAZING from start to finish.With drinking games,swim stops at our SECRET locations along with special guest D.js playing at each event this is something you do not want to miss. 

JUNGLE SESSIONS- This is our newest event this summer with very high expectations for it to produce some amazing nights.This is a outside event in the Trh Torrenova Hotel from 7pm-12am and then down to the Biggest and best Nightclub on Magalluf strip (Magalluf rocks) for the after party from 12am-4am. Included in this event you get FREE professional body painting on arrival, Free entrance to the after party.We will have special guest D.js and CELEBRITIES at most events. 

Whatever you may think of the sales pitch there is no mention of sexual expectations or compulsory requirements, and the following 5 facts may be considered to be written in stone.

  1. Nobody is forced to go to Magaluf, or similar destinations, for a holiday
  2. Nobody is forced to sign up for, or be involved in, such a package (unless by illegal coercion)
  3. No compos mentis adult that I know about is unaware of the effect of consuming excessive amounts of booze and S.T.D’s or unwanted pregnancy
  4. If any  individual signs up for such a package whilst drunk, more fool they, as at some point they must have been sober to begin with
  5. If this company, or if this resort didn’t offer such services, someone else would
  6. If a ” cure” for such activities were deemed desirable, then holiday makers could simply stay away

They don’t stay away though, in fact quite the opposite it seems. Those who indulge in such pleasures still get horribly drunk, and enjoy or offer certain sexual favours or services, and they do so when, at some point starting from a state of informed sobriety.

Personally, from what I have gathered from various sources, I find such “entertainment” or “hospitality services” quite disturbing, but even if those involved in such industries withdrew such services, does that really mean that such problems will go away?

Apparently, in one report

The party firm’s tactic is to openly encourage young girls to keep taking things to the sleaziest level possible in the hope that its new found notoriety lures even more youngsters into booze-fuelled debauchery.

and I’m sure that, behind the company’s P.R, and marketing spiel, it is true, but, from the service provision perspective, I agree with them when they stated

We are not responsible for the girls [sic] actions. The girl and her 8 friends bought tickets for the next BARCRAWL as they said it was AMAZING!

In summation I would simply say the following

Booze and sex have always sold, and will always sell, regardless of any moral outrage and protestation. It saddens me to recognise that this is so, but the responsiblity for freely sourcing and using such products or services, must lie with the purchaser alone.

He or she decides to go to such service hotspots, and he or she decides to get drunk or high (unless drugged or under coercion of course). If they deliberately decide to do so to excess, and then agree to offer other services, then are they not are responsible for their own actions?

Most of us have fully cognitive minds, so unless we are coerced into such actions through threats or violence, can we not always say, no.?

We as service providers, any where, any industry, or any at location, simply provide a service, and the availability of any service is driven or is responsive to customer demand. You pays your money and you makes your choice, as the old maxim runs, but is to fair to blame us if certain sections within society ask for such a service to be there?

Will I ever go to Magaluf by the way? Certainly not, as other more quiter pleasures please me, but you might be interested to look at the videos below. Your choice, and your body, remember; and you alone should know and control your own mind.

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