Beauty and the Beast….Let loose the dogs of war!

On Your knees....guys...on your knees!

On Your knees….guys…on your knees!

“Do you___ take___ for your lawful wife to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, until death do us part.”

“I Do!”

That’ s right folks, we say it. In front of an at least theoretical God and a multitude of witnesses, we say it. We swallow the bait, and, BING, we are married, yet as we stand there looking at our beloved, how many of us wonder what brought us to the altar in the first place, and how such an attraction began

God moves in a mysterious way, we are taught as children, but this is one wonder which seems  a little hard to understand!

Perhaps if we go right back to the beginning, maybe we’ll find an answer there…let’s go back to before our species was even thought of, let alone ever born


Oh Lord...Hear our Prayer!

Oh Lord…Hear our Prayer!

The Paradox of Woman is an affectionate review of the ever changing, but ever-present stereotypical battle between men and woman in all its politically incorrect yet paradoxical glory.

Travelling from the cradle to the grave, and then returning full circle, the delights of such a relationship will be examined, and a whole host of interactive characters will also come on the scene.

In order to achieve this goal, we will meet our ancient ancestors, observe the general interaction of both sexes, and then follow the progress of a couple called Bob and Sue as they meet, establish a long-term relationship, then eventually slip in to happy old age. At the end of the book we will bring all such characters and elements together, so that we might see quite how far along the evolutionary scale we have come.

Such characters are entirely fictional. Should they bear any resemblance to anyone you know is for you, the reader to decide, but they will speak for as all as we watch them stagger and stumble over their mutual, yet individual, years to come.

What happens in a single sex relationship is for other authors, and for other occasions, as is bachelorhood, or any other variants that might be considered, and no insult is intended by their absence from the book, nor is their preferred lifestyle denigrated in any way. Their lives are theirs to live, and I hope we would all wish them the same degree of happiness that the rest of us would seek to enjoy.

So let’s imagine we are on a roller coaster, and our ride is just about to begin. We need to strap ourselves in tightly though, as it promises to be a bumpy if exhilarating ride. The brake is released and we begin to move, yet we seem to travel backwards as, in this openning post in this series, we find ourselves in the early days of Man…


A New Dawn...a New Day.

A New Dawn…a New Day


It is fair to say that, at her best, Mother Nature has been a most generous Lady.  Looking at the world around us we see intricacy and magnificence, and a degree balance and co-ordination that often lie beyond our imagination.

It is true that her solutions are not always attractive, and it is true that her reasoning is sometimes difficult to understand, but overall she is a pretty smart mistress, and one who ultimately controls us all. What a shame then that sometimes she gets it wrong.

It’s not really her fault, as both animals, plants, and natural forces, keep on meshing her gears; so perhaps we should be a little more understanding and try to look at what she does to correct any blunders that occur. She has various ways of doing this, some better than others, but one cute way she uses is to make opposites attract.

Now this really is a clever system, as it encourages both natural diversity and population control, and it creates glorious opportunities for wildlife photographers who then entertain us all. On the whole such system works well, though I am sure that, if asked, the wildebeest caught in the crocodile’s jaw would disagree, but in her generosity she has accidentally over indulged and somewhat rashly created Men.

Why she did this, no one quite knows. Religious types say a higher deity slipped her the word, Scientists gabble about evolution, while the mob below them think of plain old drunken debauchery. Whatever her reasons though men popped on the scene, and here we are to this day. So what was this dear lady to do now? First she threw a few Sabre toothed tigers and other predators at mankind. It actually worked quite well for a while, although it was a bit gory, but then mankind battled through with fire and simple but effective weaponry. Then according to various texts and archaeology she chucked ground, water, and a few celestial based missiles at us all.

Sadly we still came through smiling, and so it was that Mother Nature sat down and had a good think. Clearly her normal techniques had failed, but then came her inspiration. She would provide a companion piece for Man, so as to keep him occupied. She would invent his nemesis, and she would be called Woman.

There was however one problem, her pet mastodon had just been eaten by a bunch of hunter-gatherers, and now she wanted revenge. What better way to state her anger than by giving men a companion they would never understand, yet a companion they would always need so that the species might survive.

You can’t live with them, and you can’t live without them, that is how the saying goes and boy oh boy, how true that has proved to be true….


Next up is Chapter 1 ….The Mists of Time, but I hope you enjoy the rest of the journey, and I promise you one thing. Even if it’s nothing else, it’s going to be fun.

Bye for now, Speak to you soon



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