What about me…What about us…”your words”, or “ours”?

MEHi Everyone

I’ve got a couple of questions for all you bloggers and writers out there

When we write or blog, and we post or finalise our latest book deal( if we are so lucky) whose name do we put on the front cover, or whose life do we describe on the “about” page of our blog or website?

How many of us state that such a blog, website, or book is ours, and ours alone, and how many publicly give credit for all those poor lonely devils who lie in the shadows behind?

I suspect very few of us give such credit, but shouldn’t we be doing, and doing so nearly all the time.

A bit of a wake up call, but looking at one or two of my recent posts Miki (wife) and myself had a bit of a natter to the ends of what it was like being married to a blogger or a writer.

This was the response she gave me.

You want to know what it’s like being married to a writer..well here goes

Frustrating and lonely at times, as there are too many late nights, I don’t always know who you are writing to, and I don’t know where all your ideas come from. Irritating at times when you expect me to be an unpaid proof reader, a thesaurus, a dictionary and spell checker, and a critic, especially as you can’t always explain what you have in mind.

Yet at the same time a rewarding experience as I can see your work easing your depression, and taking your mind of a day job which you loathe. You also make me think differently, and I love your short stories and blog entries, as well as the positive comments you and your blog receives yet, as I’ve already said, I would love to know where such ideas and words come from.

I love your words, I love your ideas, and I love to share your smile when I see the blog and your writing growing, but I want to write and blog like you, yet I don’t seem to have the words, or know how that can be done.

There you go, straight from the hip, and a kick in the short and curlies, as you might say, but it got me thinking good and hard. It is true that I try and include or embrace Miki in my writing, it is true that we often talk about the blog, and the direction in which it should be going, but, if I’m being honest, writing is one of the most singular and potentially narcissistic trades I know.

As writers, we write alone. We ask anyone we can get hold off for feedback, positive feedback preferably, if we can get it, and then feel disgruntled when some brave soul tells us that our words should never have seen the light of day.

Then of course we demand certain services from our partners. The  mugs of coffee, proof reading, editing, spell checking, and all manner of other services; all of which, quite naturally, are unpaid. The “bed warming” services, and I don’t mean those services, as the late night muse still grips us, and then, to top it all our demands for such services at our convenience, and at any time of the day.

Finally, when we are “satisfied” with our latest creation, if such heights are ever scaled after numerous rewrites, revisions, additions, and “I can’t put it into words, but you know what I mean’s”, our babies are posted or enter publication. Even then how often are we as writers or bloggers etc prepared to hand out a share of the spoils? We may split any money, if our work makes some, and we may bung in a short dedication or a mention into the preface, or whatever, but who name still sits on the front cover of our latest masterpiece, and isn’t “our” blog, still “our” blog alone.

So it is that this post has been born, and so it is that I would lay the following challenge before all you fellow bloggers and writers.

How about if we give your “co-writers” the praise or recognition that most assuredlly deserve.

Unless we live in a vacuum, or on a truly deserted island, they stand all around us, even if we do live alone, or theoretically, desire or receive no direct assistance, so isn’t it time we give them a chance to shine?

I have told Miki that although what you see may be my words, and my short stories, they are our words,our our short stories, in every conceivable away.

How many of us are prepared to say the same.

Just  a few thoughts, that’s all, but let’s end on a lighter if still salutory note.

I hope you “enjoy” the video below, and make sure you listen AND watch, even if you still feel there is nothing to learn







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  1. I think your wife writes very well – I would read her blog!



  1. A quick but heartfelt thank you « Let me tell U a story

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