A quick but heartfelt thank you

thank youConsidering my normal length of post this really is going to be a short post indeed

During recent days quite a few people have very kindly signed on as followers of this blog, and all I can really say is thank you, over and over again; both for following me and putting up with my numerous revisions. (butter finger typing, and a touch of word blindness I’m afraid!)

Why so keen to say thank you?

Well, you are looking at a guy who is pretty green when it comes to modern technology, who never thought anyone would want to listen to him, and first understood what friendship meant when he was 26 years of age; so yes, I really am grateful for all the interest that is being shown.

I hate computers!!!

I hate computers!!!

I still have so much to learn though, so please feel free to kick my butt when ever you think such a thing should be done. I know I run this blog but it is as much your blog as it is mine, for without your support there would be very little to see or show

So all I can say is please carry on visiting, and, if you so desire, to pass on the word to those around you that I am here.

Not only that I considering opening up a spot for a guest blogger should someone be interested. Variety is the spice of life, as they say, so if anyone is interested, then let me know by using the form below.

Oh yes, two final points.

sorryMy apologies to anyone who feels that their interest in this blog has not been noticed or appreciated. Nothing could be further from the truth, but, like most of us bloggers, my problem is time.Work, cats, marriage, blogging, and short story writing, means that spare time is like gold dust, and though I would love to have both in abundance, there seems to be so very little going around

cat_hugSecondly, my apologies to my dear wife Miki who doesent get nearly enough recognition, (click here for a related post on co-authorship). Without her love and help there would be no blog and no words, so I hope you will allow me to both express my love for her, and to thank her for all that she has give me, and for all the love, friendship, and companionship that she has shown



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