To bare or not to bare…. a mountainous playing field

Stark bollock naked and proud of it...yeah!

Stark bollock naked and proud of it…yeah!

On the 12th February I had great fun of blogging a post called _The Naming of parts-what if we weren’t so ashamed In that post I opened up the question of why we are so ashamed of our bodies while we film very other living thing as it passes on it’s genes. Little did I know that I would be revisting such a theme, but  a news item,  a bit of casual research, and a recent documentary has caused such a thing to occur

  1. An amusement park in Southend is copying a trend in many American theme parks by baring men from being shirtless or topless in order to”Keep the park family friendly
  2. America is the top pornographic film producing country
  3. A documentary was recently aired on British T.V called My Penis and I

It might look like an odd combination of stories but imagine you are standing in front of the world famous sculpture of Davis by Michelangelo. There he is, in the video and you tube picture that opens up the post. In all his natural glory you might say,  and oh boy, what a fine renaissance man. My questions are this though,

  1. When does art become porn and vice versa?
  2. How can a country be so outraged by naked flesh when it is the biggest porn producer in the world, and
  3. why, as pointed out in the previous post are we so hung up about our own physical form?

Don’t get me wrong folks, I am not advocating wall to wall nudity, porn, or sexual exploitation, as the physical ands mental dangers are there for all to see,but I cannot for the life of me work out why we tie ourselves in knots over this issue, when, as adults , we all know what lies where.

To see what I mean allow me to enlarge on the last three points.

  1. If a bunch of school girls, or boys for that matter luridly giggles at  David’s “manhood” does the sculpture then become porn, or if a pornographic sexual activity scene is beautifully and sensitively filmed, can it be classified as art?
  2. America, according to my research (please prove me wrong someone) is the worlds largest porn movie producer, but it was horrified in 2004 when Janet Jackson’s breast was accidentally (Hmmmm) on show at the Superbowl
  3. In the documentary a guy with a small penis has posed the question of whether penis size matters and how others react to such issues. The documentary can be viewed in full by clicking on the link provided, and I admire him for his openness as regards an area that very few other guys would be prepared to talk about.

The stupid thing is that we all know what we have got, what everyone else has got, and what we generally do with our bodies, so what’s the big deal?

I am not saying that I want to see everything hanging out, so to speak, as most guys especially, either passive or engorged would look ridiculous trotting down the main or highstreet, and all to many of our bodies are best kept partially if not, at times, almost totally covered, but wouldn’t it be a refreshing change if a more open and natural view of such matters were to be held. Just think of the benefits that might accrue, (and please note the word – might)

  1. A reduced porn industry
  2.  no need for alternative terms for male and female physiognomy
  3. A healthy view of the human body
  4. A reduction to prurient sniggering and body part guilt or shame

So what about it everyone, do you reckon we can or should all grow up a little, accept who we really are, and walk tall into a better and more open future to come. Spring is in full flow, and Easter is just around the corner, two times for growth and regeneration. Maybe “two” can be turned into a  “three.”

Just  thought, that’s all, but whatever you think of the post have a good easter, if you believe in it, and may there be chocolate for all.

Lets end up on a light note though. I recognise that if such a course of action were to come to fruition, there would be one less thing for comedians and comediennes to laugh about, so before such a sad event comes into being I leave you with a Robin Williams video. I admit, quite freely, I found myself crying with laughter at this one, so please feel free to do the same.

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