In Praise of Misfits….May they long survive!

Yes I'm have a problem with that?

Yes I’m different…you have a problem with that?

“Why  do you have to be so different….why not just be normal!

I don’t know how many times I have been told this in my life, and upon a friend reading posts from this blog it is a comment that has been thrown at me over and over again.

What has changed though is my response to such a question as it has turned from shame and embarrassment as a teenager, to a stubborn kind of pride.

Do I think my unorthodox approach to life is anything special? Certainly not, as I am just an average schmuck of a guy, who, due to the enduring love of my good lady has ended up in a wonderful marriage

Do I think I have a message to the world etc? No, I have my views but no ridiculous pretensions

Finally has my stance been an easy one to maintain, and has it been worth it? No it has at times been difficult, but yes, it has been worth it in the end.

In essence I am a misfit. One of those peculiar animals that go through life not quite fitting in, and are often to be found on the fringe of so called normal or accepted society, and one of those creatures who make others uncomfortable either by their unorthodox behaviour views.

In light of this should we modify our views or our behaviour, basically, in the interests of general society, should we modify ourselves and “Fit in”, and thereby hangs the title and subsequent tale.

This will be  a relatively quick post as a more detailed and serious look at this question can be found in an earlier post of mine called My resolution is…, but, in my personal opinion, it is question that should either interest or bother us all.

What if we could decide, as society, to either endorse or repress all of society’s misfits. If either course were followed would we be happier as  a society and species, or would we find our neatly packaged little worlds falling around our ears. I’m not too sure that enacting either resolution would be possible , let alone sustainable, just as I am sure that original thought is anything more than a dream, but it certainly raises an intriguing spectre, albeit a spectre that might just as easily float around in a nightmare as in a dream

If we were to embrace such a dream then we would unquestionably create a wonderful if slighty chaotic bowl of multicultural multi-opinionated stew. I mean, forget Joseph and his coat of many colours, he wouldn’t even get a look in, and even a great rainbow would be shoved to one side. Such an event would keep philosophers, psychologists, psychiatrists, politicians, theologians and relationship counselors arguing for years, and even Old Joe soap would have his say, but then think of the flip side.

How would we decide anything. Imagine some Gofer, sorry, some highly trained and motivated Barista, trying to take na order for a coffee. Life is bad enough now for the poor souls as they stand there patiently smiling but waiting for an idiot of a customer to make up his or her mind, but just imagine how more difficult such a task would be

Going further down the tarmac, what about traffic management. Would elephant be allowed on a motorway or autobahn in deference to individualism, and, if so desired, as regards traffic management, would vehicle owners be allowed to drive down the middle of the road, or in any direction or speed that they might so chose. Plus God help anyone caught up in the school run!

Probably not, so what if we said no more misfits, and for the sake of harmony within any given society, we stated that everyone should think and speak in unison, and all conform to a predetermined view .

Well technically such an idea should work, after all we have the cranial capacity and Intelligence to bring such a notion to reality.

We could create paradise on earth.

We could provide peace, harmony, and world-wide sustainability for all living things, and

We could stop messing up ourselves and the world around us

But our track record has been nothing to write home about over the centuries, and such is our greed, selfishness, cruelty and stupidity (as a world wide community and species), that such a record seems to be increasingly tarnished with time

So it is that I’m coming down on the side of the misfits within society, and so it is that intend to stay such an animal with my stated stubborn pride.

I know were awkward, I know that we are often a square pegs in very round holes, and I know that we can make others, and ourselves, feel very uncomfortable, but just think how boring life would be without us, and just think of how many comments, both complementary and derisory, would lie in the dust by our side.

So come on all you misfits out there, as one football manager once slurred out noisily, (see the video of St Delia below)

“Where are you, where are you, let’s be havin’ you, come on!”

Be proud to be a misfit, so long as you don’t scar or kill anyone. Lets raise the much battered by still proud flag of “misfit-ery”. and let’s carry on having a bit of fun!



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