Life’s BIG questions …why ask, why bother, and why ask the question?


You won't like really won't like this at all!

You won’t like this…you really won’t like this at all!


What if…

What if we stopped worrying about the BIG questions in life, and simply lived life to the full.

How would we feel then

A gentleman I know, has written a book about the soul. Not the dover sole, the lemon sole, or even the sole of your boot or shoe, but that indefinable thing or whatever that allegedly lies within in all of us, and which, some feel, controls all of our lives

philosophers and theologians have for thousands of years pondered over the meaning of life.

Physicists, quantum physicists, and astronomers have speculated on the universe as regards its conception, its current state, and its future destination

Alchemists for thousands of years have tried to turn base metal into gold

Brilliant you might say, noble minds chasing noble endeavours, you might add in exultation.

But what if someone was to challenge such responses?

What if someone simply asked…WHY?

That is what this post is all about, and the questions that lies at the heart of this post are  simply

why ask, why bother, and, why ask such questions?

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for investigating things that either matter or can be resolved in any kind of way, but it strikes me that with all such BIG questions there is no point, apart from making the speaker or writer look clever, to pursue such lines of thought. Why so, well because of one very simple concept, and that is the need for a precursor

Unless you are a theoretical or quantum physicist who believes in Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, or a whole host of mathematical possibilities, it is very likely that you accept the fact that “something” cannot come from “nothing”; no matter how hard you try.

You can bring the discussion down to the measurement of time and power over incredibly small distances.

You can be a creationist and go on about divine creation and the omnipotence of a higher power.

You can always say that something is there because it is there

But at some point everything idea hits a critical brick wall. If something was created, and that something has led to where were now, and presumably where we will be in the future (where ever or whatever now or the future consists of), then how did that something form. Heinzberg needed a proton and a bit of energy, the creationists have the need for a divine character, and even us lesser mortals need something to be there so we can say it is there; no matter how odd this might sound.

So it is we hit the need for a an initial precursor, and by the nature of such a beast that most singular 0f objects can never be found. Why so, because even if we we were to find it, then it itself would need a precursor, and thereby the hunt for such an object would go on.

This might sound a little flippant, and I apologise to any ardent physicist, creationist/theologian or philosopher who might be upset by my words but I would ask such individuals four simple questions

  1. what was there before the big bang (s)
  2. who created God or a divine prescence
  3. what was the precursor to the precursor that lead to 1. and 2.
  4. what was the precursor to 3.

And so on and so on -see what I mean

Yet all this is simple stuff compared to those who seek the meaning of life, and the answers and properties of other conceptual notions that bedevil us, for, as is quite normalo is quite normal for us humans , we elevate ourselves above the rest of life around us.

For all life around us we state that the meaning of life is genetic transfer of DNA, or some other transmissible coded product, but for us, we invoke a soul life misbehaves around us we shrug our shoulders and say, that’s just nature, but we have morality, and the concepts of right and wrong

When animals and plants die, or get eaten, they just die in accordance withy the laws of nature, but we go to heaven, or hop aboard a spaceship, or go to whatever destination that we so chose.

I say again, why spend so much time on such matters, why bother wasting so much energy in doing so, and why ask the question in the first place when  nothing can really be achieved.

Wouldn’t be better  if were concentrated our minds on things that we could control, that we could see or fix in some way or another. To regulate the flow of foodstuffs to areas of famine, for example, rather than worrying about the ethical considerations of such a trade, and even as regards the meaning of life, to just live it to the fulland forgeting about what such a life might mean

I reckon we would be happier, if at times a fraction poorer, as so many experts would find that they actually had nothing to say, but then would that be so terrible. All other life seems to cope without such complications. Live and drink as long as you can, and reproduce as often and as bountifully as nature allows, that seems to be a common enough guiding principle, so maybe we should give such thought ago.

Let’s end this post with a bang though, and, as regards such topics a slice of irreverent humour which absolutely adore. I once described human “intimacy” as being

A hump, and a grunt, and a sticky little thump

and I still stand by my words with much mirth and merriment, but it is Monty Python that closes this post, so come on everybody, lets all have a bit of a sing, and if any Christian takes offence at what follows, well ain’t that just a bloomin’ shame

On the count of three folks…one…two..three

Every sperm is scared, every sperm is good……….


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  1. Great read. I really enjoyed it. And thanks for the link. I’d love to do some collaborating in te future in regards to these sorts of topics.


    • Hi, thanks for your comment

      I would love to collaborate with you as regards such areas of interest, just let me know, and we can maybe carry on from there. It is relief to find that there are others out there who want to think about, and challange such things. If you want to glance at ny views in greater depth please feel free to peruse my article series , or for more of a giggle ; both of which you might enjoy

      Liked by 1 person


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