Daily Prompt: I Believe

BELIVEDaily Prompt:I Believe

The belief, or non belief in something, someone, or in a particular point of view is, I suspect, pretty universal, no matter how an individuals life may seem, but such is the paradoxical nature of belief that I also suspect that no two belief patterns are identical ,and that, even in the broadest of concepts, a universal belief are nothing more than a dream.

That being said there are certain things that I believe, and don’t believe in, and they can be seen below. I am not saying I am right or wrong to hold such views, and I am not saying that I have all or any of the answers to the questions I raise, but I hope they form an enjoyable and a stimulating read

Ok, let’s get going, First of all, the things I do believe in


I have been lucky in so many respects as regards my life. It is true that aI have been through too many mental breakdowns, and it is true that, up until the age of 26 I knew nothing about friendship, and even less about social interaction, but fate, chance, and an irritated comment from a good friend brought My wife and I back together after a longish period of absence, and we now find ourselves still happily married 20 years down the line.

Yet there would be no marriage were it not for the patience and fine qualities of my good Lady. Is she  a brilliant scholar, or a highly paid professional; no she is neither of these two things. I she a goddess who all men bow down to worship, or has she  a beauty beyond compare; no she is quite normal, whatever that word might mean. She i8s however herself, and that is good enough for me, and she has a depth of love and character that leaves me in absolute awe. We all think of success in life as  a matter of things, qualifications and career development, but they are worthless if they are not backed up by decency, love and affection, and so it is that I now, very willingly sing her praise


I don’t know what is out there in the universe. I don’t think it has a name, a body, or a cognitive capacity, and I’m not even sure that, apart from reference terms that such things matter, but after an experience in the north of Norway, I am pretty sure that “something” is there.

My experience can be found in more detail by clicking here but in essence I somehow found myself tuning into an energy of all life that had lived, loved, laughed, and died in the area over thousands of years, and it such was the power of that energy that it drove me nearly insane Have I “felt” that power outside of Norway, certainly I have, in various concentrations, but personally I have no need of religious texts, places of worship, or iconography All I need is an inner tuning knob, and a slice of luck so as I can once more align myself with such a power


Rather like in the previous instance, I have no proof of life after death, and I have no experience of the paranormal and reincarnation, yet I cannot believe that all believers of such values are lying, deluded, or simply wrong. I accept that such a phenomenon is possible, as history is littered with such events or occurences, but to say that all such accounts are pure fiction seems  to be insane. My views do go deeper than this, albeit I’m no expert in such matters, so if anyone wants to go a little deeper, once more click here

OK so far so good, nothing too contentious so far but now for the negatives, i.e what I don’t belive in


I have no problem with everyone having a personal belief in what is right or wrong, as without such inner housekeeping I think we would all go mad, but what I cannot comprehend is the notion of universal rights and wrong. Once more, for those who are interested this topic has been covered in another articleplease click here, but in essence I can think of no idea, value, or principle which can be considered to be universally correct or incorrect for all time. Even the notion of no water no life is now under severe scrutiny, with scientists considering methane based life forms and worlds, but , as ever, I’d be happy to be proved wrong


Who are “they”; does anyone know where they might be found or what they look like? How come if “everyone knows”about so much in the world we still have so much conflict, disagreement, and war. These two “animals” have no form of basis for reality yet they surround and lecture us on all sides. I wouldn’t mind if what “they said” made sense, or if universal knowledge was such a good thing, but to my mind they offer no such blessings and to add insult to injury, they strip us of a wonderous power that lies within al of our minds. This is the power of individuality. That wonderful if at times troubling power that differentiates one and all of us and has led to discoveries and creations far beyond our wildest dreams

Sure such individualism has also led to natural disaster, and loss of life through global conflagration, but which would you rather be as  a person, a mentally active individual, or a lazy, non thinking drone. For more of my thoughts upon this subjectplease click here


Now before everybody gets on their high horse and starts screaming at me, I want to get one thing clear.

I want to belive in free speech, I want to live in a world where everybody can speak freely and do so with absolute honesty, and I admire, at times, all those who promote what they deem to be a good cause

I believe in all such things, and I loathe the principles of censorship and the suppression or denial of views, but I still have an overiding problem

I simply cannot see how such a thing can be done. My views as regards such an area can be seen by clicking here, but gain, in essence, just think of the world we live in if we were to universally adopt such a theme. What would happen if everyone was totally honest all the time, and what would life be like if free speech was compulsory?

I reckon there would be no long term relationships, let alone marriages. No workplace would ever function properly, and God help the world as regards international relations if such values were the norm

It also seems to be such a cruel trick to play upon ourselves, as, by seeking such a value, we are effectively reaching out for an impossible dream. This might sound harsh and downright negative, but if you look at the list below, how free of speech and honest would you be?

  1. Does your good lady really look beautifull when shge is 8 months pregnant?
  2. Do you always like your boss when he demands you give him unpaid overtime, and if not, would you always tell him or her where to go?
  3. If you are a service sector worker, is the customer always the king or Queen
  4. When Xmas shopping at your local supermarket, would you tell a mother to quiten her brat of a child who was needlessly screaming in a queue

Remember now, free speech is mandatory, honesty is the best policy, and it is always wrong to tell a lie!


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2 replies

  1. Hi Chris, WordPress and I don’t seem to find each other, thus the reply as is. The post is thoroughly enjoyable, and very thought provoking. Thank you.


    • Hi Lora

      Thank you for your comment, and please feel free to drop by at any time. Sadly few people want to actually think outside the box nowadays, so it is always thoroughly rewarding and enjoyable to recieve such a comment as yours, If you have the time or the inclination you might like to glance at my work the Paradox of Man, as i think it is a work you might well enjoy


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