valentines day…an insiders story… (Weekly writing challenge: My funny Valentine)



We need you..we want you..we want your money!

We need you..we want you..we want your money!

Weekly Writing Challenge: My Funny Valentine

By nature I am an old fashioned gent and a romantic. I love to give my wife flowers, I love to be their for her when ever she needs or wants me me, and to show her all the consideration that, in my eyes, as an old fashioned gent she so rightly deserves.

As such it might seem likely that I would love St Valentines day, that I would love to go out for a meal with her, and buy her a lovely bunch of roses, but I have never done so, and I will never do so; and all because I have seen and worked Valentines day from the inside

The inside of what you may ask, well I’ve been in catering for 10 years, and in the retail sector for even longer, and let me assure you valentines day is all about money, and if you doubt my word simply Click here, and if you want to know what your waiter or waitress might be thinking as they serve you click here

What you have got to remember is this. Caterers, wine merchants, florists, and card makers, are in the business to make money, and Valentines day, for many such individuals or companies , comes in the middle of a very hard time. Christmas has gone, and Easter is  a long way of the horizon, so when Valentines day comes around they have no choice but to make you pay. They are not being vicious or nasty when they do so, it is simply a question of money, and if you do fall for all their sucker punches, they will be smiling at you as they stand behind their counters, and laughing at you as you pay

Any advice I would give to any couples out there. Simply to make every day a Valentines day for both you and a your partner. Be there for your partner every day, not just Valentines day, and, if you can accept and rejoice in each others differences, and get the little things right, you’ve a good chance of a long term relationship, or a marriage that is there to stay. As regards all those who are seeking a partner, my advice is even simpler. Whatever your friends tell you the absence of that flash meal or even a card is unimportant. Relationships are built over years and decades, so what does it matter if things don’t quite work out on one day.

Take it from me, a loner who knew nothing of friendship until he was 26, one day  doesn’t matter, one day i unimportant, and I know that for as I am writing, my wife is curled up by my side

So what can you do to avoid being fleeced. Well may I  suggest that the first step is to recognize that, in the overall state of relationship play, such an evening is unimportant. Sadly when us guys are growing up it is instilled in us that it is the big things that matter. The flash cars and holidays, the huge bouquet of roses on Valentines day, and, of course, that oh so pensiveness ring.

Well, I’m sorry guys, but to most women I have encountered such things are nice but compared to “little things” in a relationship, they actually come way down the scale. It is the really listening to your partner that matters, the mug of coffee when she comes home from her workplace, doing the washing up without a request or instruction and the regular sharing of household chores. It is the unexpected meal that you cook for her, and the recognition that it is bloody hard work being a full-time mother, and the understanding that she sometimes just wants you to be thee and hug her in silence, rather than going the whole way.

As regards you ladies, well, please try to recognize that us guys are not always psychic, and that, unfortunately, we can be a dim on the uptake, and we think differently at times. We try and understand you, and we try and help you in every way we can. During your monthly cycles or during pregnancy, we try even harder, but it is hard for us to get into your mind just as it is impossible to get inside your body, so, under such circumstances try and cut us a bit of slack, and appreciate that we cannot appreciate how you feel.

I’m ending on  a note of reminiscence though, as I recall, with some merriment, one particular couple.

She wanted to a napkin home with her as a souvenir. He had limited experience as regards gentlemanly behavior, and had strong vocal chords. He, in jest, wanted to call her kleptomaniac, but somehow the section “Klepto” was replaced by the word “Nympho”, and it didn’t take a moment for him to find himself lying on the floor with a very sore ear and with a very angry lady standing by his side!

Enough of such merriment though. Maybe, as regards true love, Elizabeth Barrett Browning can best show us the way. Take it away Lizzie, all of us true lovers thank you for your words!

Oh yes, the video at the top. Well that sums up how my wife and I  feel about each other. For me it is a lovely song, for a lovely lady and a wonderful lover, companion and friend. Need I say more; enjoy!


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