The Siberian Tiger-a salutary lesson for us all

tiger eyeDid anyone pick up on the recent news from China about the Siberian Tigers raised in captivity?

If so did anyone see a problem with the story, and wonder what other problems might be quietly hiding behind the scenes?

Probably not, as, on the surface it seemed to be such a feel good story. If you didn’t see the news coverage it covered the imminent release of bred in captivity Siberian tigers into the wild, and the need to train them to hunt naturally so as to acclimatize to the wild-click here– for the full story-, or to quote the zoologists concerned

“The training in winter snow can be a “solid step” for the animals, who need to survive in the mountains and “multiply by themselves”

As the tiger species in question; like so many other tigers, is on the endangered or highly endangered list, it would seem to be a good move, so as to reestablish the natural population, but my problem with is story is very simple.

Why, with our magnificent brain  and undoubtedly powerful cognitive ability, have we created a situation where we have to train a highly skilled predator to do something which it has been doing, very successfully for thousands of years?

I know that we, as a species, are also skilled top of the tree predators, and logically, by natural law, the demise of tigers and other animals can be put down to the survival of the fittest. That is something which I cannot deny, and I am bearing this in mind as this post is written but it strikes me with this story that time and nature are exacting their revenge, and in doing so sending both a warning and a lesson to us all.

To quote Shakespeare

thus the whirligig of time brings in his revenges.

W.Shakespeare-Twelfth night

What a revenge this seems to be, for how would we survive if we had to face “re-introduction”, how would we cope if our numbers were so decimated by our own stupidity or, by as yet unknown and unseen depredation, by a more powerful and skilled predator? This might sound alarmist ,as we have no such natural predator (apart from ourselves), but just as every dog  has his day, to quote a classic idiom, no day lasts for ever, and I know of no “higher life form species” that has successfully withstood the test of eternal time.

Some of us have retained the skills that would be needed to truly re-integrate with nature, and good luck to them, but for most of us doesn’t a different picture soon emerge? Look at the table below, would you be human 1 or 2., and if you had to switch from one to the other, would you have the skills to survive?

Don’t get me wrong, I fully support such conservation and preservation movements, and, for all those who may wish to carry such an interest further-click here-for animal conservation groups, or click here, for plant conservation, but unless we, as a world wide community, radically change our way of living, we will go the way of the Siberian Tiger. Unfortunately, for most of us, and unlike the tiger, I doubt whether we will have the knowledge, the skill, or the strength to survive

Life requirements Civilized Man Natural Man
Food Supermarkets, local stores, home shopping Hunting, shooting, etc.
Water Bottled or treated water Rivers, ponds, streams
Shelter Houses, flats etc. Caves, naturally sourced building materials
Warmth Commercial heating systems Fire
Clothing Retail outlets, internet and home shopping Home made from naturally sourced fibers and products
Lighting Electricity, candles, oil, open fires Daylight, open fires
Territorial and predation protection Police, armed forces, law, etc. Natural instinct, fire
Entertainment T.V, computers, entertainment systems, music, theatre etc. You and/or the group around you
Transport Cars, planes, trains etc. You, horses (maybe)
Cross communication Phones, internet, books etc. Your voice, smoke, natural amplifiers, rock painting or marking etc.

See what I mean?

Sobering thought for first thing in the morning, and I’d love someone to show me I’m wrong. Any takers, any offers, I’d be very interested to get some replies


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  1. We have lost all or most of our “natural” instincts. I think people forget–we are still animals, cruel animals with moral choice. I mean immoral choice.


    • Sometimes I think we have lost our natural instincts, at other times I think we simply prefer to think they are not there. As regards us being animals, and often cruel animals,I totally agree with you, but I find in life you have to careful where you voice such an opinion, as for some individuals there’s absolute denial, or at the very least a feeling that such views are a step too far

      My biggest issue with us is that we have got a choice as regards our actions, yet rather than build a world paradise, we so often seek to destroy, so yes, a good point about morality


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