The naming of parts…what if we weren’t so ashamed! (parental guidance advised)

birds do it..bees do it...even educated fleas do it..lets do it..lets......

birds do it..bees do it…even educated fleas do it..lets do it..lets……

I recently had the pleasure of talking to someone who had a love of natural history programs, in all aspects of animal behavior but who had had the misfortune to accidentally alight oh a video of a man and a woman enjoying, let us say, an intimate moment.

“It was disgusting!”

He ranted

“They were going at it like rabbits, it was was though they had no shame!”

I murmured soothing words of sweet nothings so as to diffuse the situation, but it left me thinking.

What if we weren’t so ashamed of our bodily parts or functions, how would we feel if, without our permission, we were to be filmed at our most intimate moments, and if called upon to explain our cations , what terminology might we and others use?

Well how about if we put ourselves in the positions of the animals in the videos above. They don’t seem to give a damn about what is going on around them but if we, with our minds, entered their bodies, how would we think and feel then.

I mean there you are, all hot and bothered, and looking forward to getting “close” to each other, when some bunch of over inquisitive prurient film makers arrive on the scene and poke a ruddy great big camera right up your nose, or wherever else you might care to think about.

If that isn’t bad enough, just think about how you might feel, under the same circumstances, if both of you were back in your own bodies, and film team came hammering on the door. I suppose, if you were  a”professional couple” you might not be too bothered, as longs as they bore a wad of money and contract in one hand, but I anticipate that most of us would either scream or shout very loudly,experience  an rapid sense of sexual deflation or non arousal, and try and run hell for leather out of the nearest door

With this in mind, I decided to carry this last scenario one step further. What would happen if the incident was deemed “illegal”, and a trial was subsequently called. What kind of terminology might be used to describe, in some detail

  1. What was occurring
  2. How was it occurring and
  3. what might the initial and long term consequences turn out to be

Well what a laugh this turned out to be, and to show you what I mean I invite you to click on the links in the table below and  just for fun toiletry/ other bodily links and inebriation links.

Technical description Idiomatic or technical terminology
Male reproductive organ Click here
Female reproductive area Click here
Mamary glands Click here
Sexual intercourse Click here
Orgasm Click here
pregnancy Click here -please, PLEASE look at the replies-especially the poster about Pregnancy and Women
Inebriation click here -365 words-one for every day of the year-have fun!
Flatulence Click here
toiletry “activities” Click here

So there you have it oh fair and gentle reader, a gentle run through of both common, and I suspect uncommon usage and sausage. I will leave it up to your own imagination how the court case might go, but I will close with two more you tube video’s which I hope you will enjoy. Like all of this post, they are not for the more sensitive about you, but I think they are fun!


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