To be gay is to be illegal…WHY and HOW!

How can this be illegal1 How can this be wrong?

How can this be illegal! How can this be wrong?

“Every morning when I wake, a little prayer I make…”

This is a snippet from Under Milkwood By Dylan Thomas, a play which I have loved since childhood, and every morning when  check the news on my tablet or on T.V, I always silently make the same prayer. It is not to any specific deity or figurehead, as I have little belief in such objects of faith, nor is it to any specific person on this planet, yet it is  a prayer that encompasses us all.

Quite simply I pray that I will see an item of news which, with reference to the darker side of ourselves, will restore my faith in humanity, and lead me to believe that there is some hope for our species after all. Sadly such a prayer is seldom answered, although I do not deny the more attractive side of human nature, and I always welcome it’s presence to the full

So it was I woke up today and saw the following report on the BBC News

Where is it illegal to be gay

The full text of this report can be seen by clicking here, but once the initial taste of disgust had metaphorically passed over my tonsils, my next thought was “WHY”, and “HOW”

WHY in 2013 do we still find ourselves, as a world wide community, enforcing or accepting the enforcement of such prejudice, ignorance, or illiberality?


HOW long will it take for the world to recognize that such sexual lifestyles are totally natural, and on no threat to us all?

That’s right everyone, I am fully supporting the rights and choice of the homosexual community to do the same as all of our heterosexual members of the community, i.e

  1. To express their affection for each other in what ever way they so chose
  2. To live their lives free of persecution and threat of life and limb
  3. To be accepted as a normal and valued group within all societies
  4. To be happy, to love, and fulfill their lives to the full
  5. To believe in the faith of their choosing, and to actively and openly rejoice in that faith to the full
  6. To be given acceptance that homosexuality is as natural as heterosexuality, and that both should be a subject of joyful acceptance rather than of any kind of vilification or shame

As such I will give all those who oppose such views a choice of two options

  1. To read and/or comment on what follows in a spirit of openness and equality in the spirit of Voltaire, i.e “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.
  2. To walk away from this post now, and to go to sites that are more suited to your attitudes and views

The choice is stark and simple, and the choice is yours. I hope you stay and read the rest of the post, but, in the spirit of Voltaire and free speech I cannot and will not demand or expect you to do so, but my views are my own, I will defend them,  and I see no reason to change them, so do as you will. If you do decide to go however may I wish upon you the points 1-6, and express a hope that you may be happy and live your lives top the full.

So to return to the two main points in this article of WHY and HOW

  1. How long do we, as a species, have to live on this planet, before we realize that such “lifestyle choices” are not not choices at all but an individual or communal acceptance, hopefully a joyous acceptance, of something which is natural, healthy, deeply rewarding; and which has been part of nature, I suspect, since the dawn of reproductive time?
  2. How long do we have to live before we accept that individuals within such relation share the same level of love, warmth, affection, and joy within their relationship, in exactly the same way as everyone else in the world?
  3. How long will it be before we scrap all anti homosexual legislation, and allow everyone who is homosexual to live their lives to the full?

I know this is only my opinion, but in my view it is absurd and shameful that we still live in such prejudicial times. We have a magnificent brain within all of us, capable of solving and recognizing just about anything. I can understand, to a degree, historical prejudice, as our knowledge of the world in centuries past was not as through as it is now, but now there is no excuse, and no valid reason for such ignorant, stupidity,and cruelty, and the fact that such values are still enshrined within state legal systems, should be a matter of shame to us all

Maybe I am living in a different world to other around me but I see no evidence of homosexuals actively trying coerce other into being being “gay”. Sure they might express a desire for others to embrace such values should the natural desire lie within them, and sure, upon doing so they may well welcome  into a broader like minded community, but where is this “gay plot” that so many individuals refer to, and where is the evidence that such community wants to take over the world?

Is it not simply not the case that they wish to live their lives in accordance with the six points  mentioned earlier, and to offer friendship and support to others who may wish to do the same. There are exceptions of course, just as there are rotten apples in every barrel, but isn’t it about time that we, as a world wide community, set aside any personal feelings, and welcomed all such groups into the fold.

I am not a homosexual, in any shape or form to the bet of my knowledge, but relationships are tough enough without any additional pressure coming in from the side. Let’s be happy that ANY couple are happy. Let’s be happy that ANY couple, regardless of sexual orientation and persuasion, can find love, laughter, friendship, security, companionship, and joyous self expression in this so often cruel and lonely world.

This post is closing now, but I invite you to enjoy the Singing of the Neath Male Voice Choir by playing the video below. It think it is  a beautiful sound, and I think it has  a message for us all

Good luck everybody. regardless of faith, creed, or natural persuasion. My you live in peace, and live your lives to the full.


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