Stepping Stones-a short story about reincarnation

stepping stonesHi Everyone

Reincarnation. or the possibility of reincarnation has always fascinated me, as , like so much in life, it’s reality seems to me to unclear. I think it happens, as otherwise so many individuals would be delusional or just plain liars, but I’m not to sure. I want it to happen, as other wise so much of life would seem to be but a pointless exercise; but I have no proof whatsoever that it occurs.

For those who are interested in such matters, or for those who like to read thought provoking short stories, I offer you a new short story, written by myself, called Stepping Stones. and  YouTube video on reincarnation-See above

The plot is deceptively simple, and can be described as one man’s journey through death and reincarnation.

Or is he dead; maybe he is just dreaming. You decide!


Robert leaned forward, inspected each stone carefully, and then leant back with a smile.

“You’ve given me Arenite Sandstone, Pre Cambrian Granite, and Tholeiitec basalt. They are fine samples, and I’d love to know where you got them from; but I’ve no idea why you have given them to me, or what they mean”

The inspector just laughed and then, drawing three vertical columns on a sheet of paper, he labelled them as past, present, and future.

“Oh, you’re good, Mr Carson, better than most people I deal with. Now if I may borrow the rocks I have just given you, I think I can help you to understand.”

Soon the rocks sat on the piece of paper. Sandstone in the past, Granite in the present, and Basalt in the future. A curious little arrangement, thought Robert as it sat before him, but as every rock holds a story, a college professor and geologist had once told him, he was interested to hear their tale. All they needed now was a pair of scissors, and they could play one of his favourite childhood games.

This was no game though; this was important, so he listened to the inspector carefully as he touched each stone in turn.

“Past, present, and future, Mr Carson, and an individually tailored setting, through which many more  journeys will come.  Everyone goes through such a transition, for this is the resurrection special, or the crossing of the river Styx, as some classicists like to think of it. Yet they are wrong when they think of it as a one way directional journey to the underworld. There is no such country or domain, or a single direction of travel; not as most people think of it, or understand. The underworld, like all such worlds, is in the mind. A state of mind that can travel in any direction, and through any stage of enlightenment. It can be categorised by the clients variable perception of themselves and other forces around them. Most souls start at a lower level of self awareness where, like living in a dense fog we barely perceive who we are, let alone what lies about us. Mercifully, it is only a temporary destination, although for some it can last for all eternity, and  as we progress through various stages of reincarnation, most of us, at some point, have our time in the sun.”

Reincarnation, or just a dream; delusional comfort for the insecure or desperately minded, or a glimpse or understanding into world past and worlds yet to come. You decide


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