How to help a Chicken cross the road


Watch it Buster-I'm coming through

Watch it Buster-I’m coming through

Do you love your chickens, do you care for them as if they were your babies, and do you remain awake at night wondering how they will be bale to cross the road

Seemingly some chicken owners do, but don’t worry all you Gallus  gallus Domesticus lovers, your adorable pet now needs to fear no harm

Why so, because a British company in the leafy depth’s of Oxfordshire, have no come to your rescue with a brand new Hi Vis Chicken Jacket which means your beloved little Rupert or Chantelle Chickadee can now,  in absolute safely, cross the road

Well I suppose we now know both HOW and WHY the chicken crossed the road-click here as regards WHY, if you really need to, but before we dismiss this story as a mere flight of fancy, maybe we should view this development as a road safety and health and safety issue. After all the rights of the chicken to cross the road has to be considered, and by logical extension should snails, slugs, and pet mastodons, be granted such protection, and should there be  revisions to the highway code, the town and country planning regulations , Statutes, bylaws, and roadside crossing facilities.

We already have Pelican, puffin, toucan, pegasus and Xray crossings-oh yes we do! , so why not more pet crossings so as to enhance their longevity; after all isn’t just one life of a pet slug or millipede worth saving, and should we not try and protect the life of Dead eye Derek the Dodo before he has a fall.

Why should we not go further. What about special road surfaces to assist the weary of adventurous animal road crosser, carefully positioned trip switches so as to enable light activation or crossing. Level crossing barriers with computerised and multi-phased time and lighting combinations.

Let us not forget nocturnal animals of course, after all don’t we all have a pet bat, hedgehog, or sugar gliding possum curling up to our side. Their requirements would be different of course as especially constructed, and heated daytime night-time tunnels would have to be provided, but hey liberte egalite fraternite and all that crap, and of course the universal rights of Animalium (whoops sorry of Man- but we are animals- aren’t we)

Finally we have to consider Britain’s position in Europe, and all the complications that such a position might bring. It might be argued that every chicken born or residing in Britain, whether by birthright, by British naturalisation, or by refugee status, has the same rights within the european community, as they might expect at home. Should a dispute about roadside and subsequent road crossing surfaces or facilities arise, could any pet appeal to the international courts in Strasbourg. If so should interpreters be provided so that the case of any animal might be heard, or possibly herd to the full.

This post is coming to a close no, but joking aside I do hope that the lives of chickens are saved by these Hi Vis Jackets, just as i hope that English Eccentricity never comes to an end

It makes it so much fun for the rest of us that. So much fun that I think we should all end with a song. To quote the YouTube author

“I did not create the video or song, just uploaded it.”

A warning for all those of a sensitive nature, of a puritanical disposition, and for those who dress up their chickens in Hi Vis Jackets. This video is not for you, viewing is not obligatory or compulsory!

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  1. Thank you Mr. Wilson for the giggle! I do hope the jackets help!



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