Celebrating the new year-WHY?



Why do we celebrate New Years Eve? Why?

What is is about the Ist of January that’s worth celebrating?
Why, in order to do so, do so many revellers poison themselves and

Why, oh why, do so many people allow themselves to be fleeced rotten by so many hotels, restaurants, pubs,and clubs?

Three simple questions for which I would love to have an answer, and yes, before anyone throws the phrase at me of being a grumpy old kill joy, I am over 50, I do get grumpy, but I do like to have an enjoyable time.

My complaint about all the new years shindigs is that while I see the relevance of celebrating the new year, in terms of a new generative season, I see no sense in

  1. Celebrating such an event at this particular time.
  2. Getting so drunk that you feel lousy next morning, or of course nine months later and
  3. willing handing over the contents of your wallet or debit/credit card to a bunch of individuals or companies who regard you as suckers or fools

Why am I being so negative, well read on, one item at a time

First the issue of dates, and I don’t mean the revolting eat-me Christmas special either.

  1. I am perfectly happy for this e with faith to celebrate any special occasion that they believe in, even if the date that is chosen has little of no connection to the event in question; sorry all you christians, that includes Christmas.I admire those with a definite faith, albeit I cannot join or endorse them, and I accept that a remembrance of a  special event is just as valid as a precisely dated occurrence
  2. I am very happy to see celebrations in connection with seasonal growth rate changes, or connection with the harvesting of a carefully grown crop.  This is a reflection of how we have operated over thousands of years and even now it seems appropriate that thanks should be given for the renewal of the growing season, and the subsequent harvesting of the crop
  3. I also understand various religious and/or pagan festivals of light at the darker times of the year, as such festivals, and the celebration thereof goes back to the dawn of recorded history
  4. What I cannot understand is celebrating a meaningless calendar date which is insignificant as regards natural growth or regenerative cycles, and an irrelevance as regards religion. Why do I say meaningless, well for several reasons. January 1st has no natural growth cycle significance, it marks no great religious occurrence (to the best of my knowledge), and as regards a true calendar date whose calendar are we talking about?

Then comes the question of alcohol

  1. I have no arguments with alcohol as a substance. As has been mentioned in a previous post, It is what it is, it is incredibly useful to us, and despite what some worshipers of alcohol may wish to tell us, it does not leap out of the bottle or the beer pump by itself
  2. I cannot berate those who abuse alcohol in order to soften or deal with an intolerable set of circumstances. Unless we, as individuals, have actually experienced such appalling circumstances, of which there are many, we are not in  any position to judge the cations of those who are there or who have been there. I am lucky, I have been to hell and back several times in my life, but I have never trodden that particular pathway
  3. It is also hard to condemn those who enjoy alcohol when it is  legal, within certain limits to purchase and imbibe such a product, and through such a purchase they are supporting many an inland revenue through alcohol taxation.
  4. What does puzzle me is why the excessive consumption when, technically, such an important annual milestone is being celebrated. Those who are into such shindigs are supposedly celebrating the death of an outgoing cycle, and the birth of a nee cycle to come, otherwise why is it so important to them. So, under such circumstances why do they imbibe a poisonous chemical and make fools of themselves in public. If any other living creature or even a single celled life form, were to copy our actions we would say that they were stupid or insane, so why do we, so deliberately and cognitively chose to do the same.

Finally the cost of all these shindigs

For over 10 years I had the pleasure, the misery, and thereby the dubious honour of working with in the hotel industry. At times it was a hour to work in such an area, during the good times anyway, and catering humour is second lonely to medical humour in my experience, but there were certain times of the year that none of us could understand. Top of the list of such events was New Years Eve

If anyone decides to opt for a New Years Eve package within a hotel, club, or function room; one thing is certain. They are going to get fleeced, and everyone working in the hotel or wherever know it

Taken to the cleaners, duped, made idiots off, take our pick as regards the expression, but which ever way you look at it they will lose; and if you don’t believe me click here

If you are one of the revellers you will pay through the nose for hiked up hotel rooms, rip of meal prices, dispirited/knackered and insincere service, and ramped up booze prices and as you drunkenly scream out happy new year and forlornly attempt to remember more than the first line of Auld Lang Syne, you would do well to not look at the staff who have been serving you

They don’t want to be there. They are knackered after Christmas, and as they look at you in all your alcohol sodden glory, all they are thinking is

you fools

That’s all

you fools


haven’t you lot got your own beds to go to

Still, to end on a more cheerful note, at least they all know what out of hours watering holes are open, and they will all know what fun they will be having discussing the antics of the revellers. Most critically you, as a reveler will bring a smile to their face as your face betrays the painful truths of the new year day to come

What truths are they?

The year ahead may be wonderful, and I hope it will be so for everyone out there, but you have just been taken for a sucker.

You have probably made an idiot of yourself, and for all the party poppers, chants of celebration, and endless rounds of badly sung Auld Lang Syne, it will be just another cold january day to come!

Sorry folks, that’s the unvarnished truth, and that’s the end of it, but have a good new year anyway, and keep a glass or bottle of good malt whisky by your side


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