Who really want’s to grow old gracefully

behaveWhy is it that we are always being told how to behave.

As babies we have to behave, otherwise nobody changes us or feeds us.

As children we are told to behave, or we are told what is good for us.

As teenagers, adults try and show us how to behave, although they never understand us.

As adults we have to behave because “they” say so, and because we have to pay the mortgage.

And, then to cap it all, as “wrinklies”, we are told to behave, as , somehow, we ought to know better


Why do we listen to our peers, to “them”, and to our revolting children Why should us oldies, who know more about life-not about sex mind you-than all of our children put together, put up with such rubbish, when health allowing, we can still live life to the full?

This is only a short post, by normal standards, but this is  a message of encouragement for all you bloggers, who, like me, though ever increasingly wrinkly, still retain an active and enquiring mind, and who still like to have a bit of fun.

Think about it for a moment, and you’ll see what I mean. You spent all your life looking after your kids, in all their repulsive stages of development. You have had your ears bashed by ” them”, “they”, and every over Tom Dick and Harry. Then, once you have reached the stage when you actually know something about life (albeit generally nothing at all), you allow some fool to come up behind you, and still tell you what to do.

So what if you were to break free of all the crap around you, just think what fun life might be

  1. You could give two fingers to your ungrateful children (go on, you know you want to)
  2. You needn’t attend anymore coffee mornings, church fetes, or any other punishment sessions
  3. No more patronising do gooders
  4. No more shouts of “can you hear me dear!”
  5. No more asides of “It’s her age you know” or “He can’t help it, it’s his age” and
  6. No more Saga, hearing aid, or incontinence brochures-no matter how much you might actually need them

Plus the other benefits of course

  1. You can still lecture the kids as to how things ain’t what they used to be
  2. You can still preface such lectures with the phrase “When I was  your age…”
  3. You can misbehave and get away with it, everyone will just say it’s your age
  4. Leaning on a stick when in a queue at airport check in. An old trick, but still quite effective.
  5. You can look and smell like the backside of a camel. Nobody will say anything, and if you don’t give a damn then who cares and
  6. And apart from listening to your own body, you don’t have to listen to anyone!

So there you go folks, stuff old age,stuff behaving, and stuff growing old gracefully. Life is there for the living, so why waste it on those who are younger. Get out there and grow old disgracefully, believe me, it’s much more fun.

Oh yes, the two You Tube video’s at the top of the post. I’m over 50, I’m increasingly grumpy, I don’t fit in with life around me, and I’m obdurately proud of it. I hope you laugh at them as much as I always do; but be careful about having a pen and a checklist, too many ticks can befuddle the mind!



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4 replies

  1. Muy interesante, todo crecemos y nos llenamos de manías y desperfectos. Se nota mucho en las mujeres y ellas son quienes hacen notar a los hombres de sus cambios, sin embargo es interesante escucharlo de los hombres, por eso los amo!

    Google translation

    Very interesting, all grow and we are filled with quirks and flaws. It is very noticeable in women who do and they are noted men of his changes, however it’s interesting to hear it from men, so I love them!


  2. As far as I’m concerned there are three attitudes towards growing old. Some individuals mentally grow old before their time, others grow old gracefully in line with popular expectations, while others grow old disgracefully and stay, mentally, forever young.

    I know which group I agree with, and belong to, and I certainly do not intend to change. Thank you for your comment, and please feel free to drop in again.
    Oh I hope you don’t mind the translation, I just thought others might like to read your views

    Spanish Translation

    En lo que a mí respecta, hay tres actitudes hacia el envejecimiento. Algunos individuos mentalmente envejecen antes de tiempo, otros envejecen con gracia en línea con las expectativas populares, mientras que otros envejecen vergonzosamente y se quedan, mentalmente, siempre joven.

    Yo sé lo que estoy de acuerdo con el grupo, y pertenezco, y desde luego no tengo intención de cambiar. Gracias por tu comentario, y por favor siéntase libre de pasar de nuevo.
    Oh, yo espero que no te importe la traducción, que otros simplemente pensé que podría gustaria leer sus puntos de vista


  3. Funny to read the translation, is not quite right, but I hope we all get the idea, good exercise for my bad english writing. Saludos to all the grumpy ones around the world.


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