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On the 11/10/3013 the BBC  broke  story which left me in a dilemma, Should I laugh or cry, or maybe do both of them at the same time. The story concerned immigration, and the ugly fact that potential immigrants coming into Britain had to prove if they were homosexuls. UK Asylum seekers “told to prove if they were gay” the headline banner read, and it got me thinking….

1/ What kind of a world do we live in where a cross border authority can even ask for such a thing

2/What kind of “proof” can be given

3/Isn’t it a shame that the word “gay” can no longer be used, with any safety, in it’s original non sexul way

How would we feel if we were asked to prove our sexuality, regardless of any heterosexual, bisexual, or homosexual tendencies? It is bad enough crossing most borders without such a check, and there is already, at times, a potential infringement of personal space, thought, and liberties, but dopes this measure not blow such problems right out of the water, and leave behind both an incoming impractical and impossible tide. Up until now we moved on from passport documentation checks, and Biometric passports to full body scanners, but this new phase, in my view, is  a step to far. Why so, because it will be impossible to prove and regulate (see next section), it once more raises the evil spectres of discrimination and homophobia, and because any chance of retaining personal dignity, will be irrevocably blown to the winds.

The next thing is how is such proof to be obtained, and could any such proof really establish, or de4ny, such a claim. How many of us could prove our sexuality. I suspect that if in extremis anyone would sleep with almost anything, so long as it was legal to do so, in order to relieve the strain, and if so called proof of sexuality was demanded, I am equally sure that many other people would happily help them on their way. As such photographic records or documentation would be useless, so what next, maybe a full on in your face display.

Maybe a full bedroom might be made available, or at least a room where such activities might be performed, but even then, so what. Just because you participate or engage in one or another sexual activity, that certainly is not proof of your underlying preferences. Should we have sex-o-meters, passion-o-meters, and orgasmotrons readily available, supplies of viagra, and the services of fully qualified psychologists, psychiatrists,  sex therapists, counsellors, and expert animal  and relationships behaviorists on the side. Furthurmore, in the spirit of aquality, shoud heterosxuals and bisexuals, undergo a similar asessment; after all, a marriage certificate proves nothing except a countersigned acceptance of the marriage vows. Once this has been completed do any of us really know, or want to know, what goes o inside

Also think of the delays that would occur. Granted you could ask everybody to strip stark naked so they are ready and waiting for the examination.  it certainly would bring a new meaning to both check in, check out, and passport control, but just think of the mounds of hot quivering flesh that would be on show at a busy airport, and ribald commentary arising from the questions of

“Have you packed these bags yourself, or have you anything to declare

Finally, what of the word itself, i.e gay. When I was a child you could be gay, as in happy, vibrant, and exuberant, but use such a word now and all you will get is a knowing smile, a raised eyebrow, or a singularly repulsive sneer. We all know about sex, and most adults (lets ignore “children) are well versed in it’s ramifications, so do we really have to sexualise such a sweet and innocent word as gay


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